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Suggestions for dealing with links that no longer work

Most collections of links like this have some that that no longer work!
Here are some suggestions on how to find updated link information:

1. Try dropping information from the link address, up to the previous "/" signs.

E.g., suppose an ice rink public session schedule is at
doesn't work. Try the following addresses, in sequence:

and play around with the internal links on those pages.
(Sometimes you will be denied access to a "directory". Just drop back to the previous "/" again.)
Some pages have a "Search" box, into which you can type search keywords.

Many search boxes allow you to provide a phrase of words in quotes, e.g., "public session schedule".
Others will look for pages and sections which match any of the words.
In the latter case it is sometimes helpful to see if there is an "Advanced Search" option listed that lets you look for all the words.

2. Try searching the main page. For example, if the public session link for an ice rink doesn't work, try the link for the ice rink it belongs to. If that doesn't work either, try dropping information up to previous "/" signs in that.

3. Try searching for the item in question, like "ABC ice rink", at a popular search engine, like