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Caution: This is a purely amateur effort. It is not an exhaustive set of links on the topics involved. The shopping links may not contain the best or cheapest sources of information and gear, just places I happened to run into while looking for something. I haven't completely checked out and cannot vouch for any of these links. Some of this is specific to the D.C. Metropolitan area or the University of Maryland. A lot is not up to date.

My home page (with contact info and info on handling links that no longer work.)
My Math/Physics Tutoring Page
My Professional Page
My My Résumé
My Washington, DC Area Ice Rinks with Schedules
My Boating (Kayak and Canoe) links
My Ice Skating links
My Modifying Skate Fit and Balance for Health, Longevity and Performance
My Why it's hard to skate in the Spring: Hockey Tournaments and the Economics of Ice Rinks
My Short Treatise on the Art of Falling Gently
My Source code diagramming programs
My List of OTA & Comcast cable channels I get

Boating (Kayak and Canoe) grew too large and has been moved to a separate page.
  Expert forums
  Spyware Malware and Privacy page on disabling Yahoo web beacons
  Operating Systems and such
  Software Download sources and reviews
  Programming Languages: Assembly, Fortran, J, Java, Other
Car and Truck
Dates and times
DC Metropolitan Area
GIS and geology links
Health and Fitness/Injury Prevention/Anatomy
Ice Skating
Music and Video
Phone number and/or address lookup
Phone services
Politics of conservation
Real Estate
Recreation Centers (local)
Woodworking classes, resources
Shopping, general
Skating (Ice)
Skiing - Cross Country
TV (Television)
TV Channels that also stream on-demand for free
University of MD

Backpacking (local)

Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Ski Touring Section (PATC STS); Newsletter, Schedule
Sierra Club chapters
DC Sierra Club calendar
Maryland Sierra Club With links to local group schedules
Virginia Sierra Club groups With links to local group schedules
Virginia/Mount Vernon Sierra Club calendar link
Virginia/Chesapeake Bay Sierra Club schedule
Virginia/Great Falls Sierra Club Schedule
Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC - less serious intense than PATC and Sierra); Trips, by regions Internet forums and meetings, by area
Places to hike
LLBean Parkfinder
Campmor (Probably the biggest US mail order place)
REI (Another biggie)
The lightweight backpacker (
Stephenson's Warmlite Extremely lightweight outdoor gear, at extremely high prices. Warning: vapor barriers, the basis of much extremely lightweight gear, are uncomfortable or unhealthy on many-day trips.
Wanderlust gear - not working last I checked; Same Company??
Zen Backpacking Stoves Info on stoves and fuel cannisters
Reviews of backpacking gear

Boating Links(moved to another page)

Boating (Kayak and Canoe)
  Local Paddling Clubs
  Paddling Clubs on rest of US East Coast
  River Water levels
  Current chemical, biological contamination
  Local boating pages
  Sea Kayak launch sites near DC
  National lists of Kayak launch sites
  Sea Kayak launch sites not near DC
  Nautical maps and charts
  Local (Non-WWW) Boating Maps and GuideBooks with launch sites
  Whitewater boating locations
  National Paddling and Paddling Instructor Organizations
  Paddling Instructors and Schools
  Kayak types and paddling techniques
  Paddling Schools near DC
  East Coast Paddling Schools and clubs not near DC, roughly north to south
  South Carolina Camping mid-way to Florida:
  Florida paddling schools near Palm City
  Discussion Forums
  Upstate NY boating and other activities NY near Ithaca
  Canoe and Kayak Shopping
  Waterproof GPS containers; (for cameras check a search engine for "underwater housing")
  Kayak descriptions
  Making your own boats
  Kayaking Gear
  Other Paddling Links


Area bookstores
Cheap Textbooks - BookByte
New and used textbooks
new and used college textbooks
BookHolders (Has store in College Park)
Maryland Merchant 70-90% Discount Books/Columbia, MD and shows discount technical books sells almost everything, gives descriptions, excerpts Note: web page includes no address or phone.
Barnes and Noble
Bartleby Books Online Searches other sites Buy & rent textbooks
SF Site Science Fiction books, reviews
SF Signal
Google Books Many of these books are free Free books
Project Gutenberg More free eBooks
The Online Books Club -
Best Places to Get Free Books - The Ultimate Guide
Book Sale Finder (e.g., library books sales)

Car and Truck

Edmunds (cars, trucks)
auto rebates
Kelley Blue Book
Official Gov't Site For Vehicle Safety Recall Info
Another Official Gov't site for vehicle safety recall info
Gov't Search for Recalls, original and non-original equipment
eBay motors
US Government fuel economy site
Car talk Special Needs equipment


Expert forums Lots of computer expertise More general questions, but some computer stuff
GNU Gif Patent stuff
Chilling Effects: Reverse Engineering
UCITA and Open Software
U.S. Code Title 17 Circumvention Free educational trainig
Cinda's Business/Computer Education site
RFC 1738 - Uniform Resource Locators (URL) describes URL format
Spyware Malware and Privacy
Zone Alarm firewall from Zone Labs free version available
VMWARE free player PC emulator, good idea for browsing?
VMWARE provided virtual boxes
Bochs PC emulator
QEMU PC emulator
Virtual Box PC emulator Virtual boxes for same
Flex86? - another emulator
AnswersThatWork Task List Programs
Windows Process Library The Elder Geek on Windows XP
Turn Off Unnecessary Windows XP Services
Microsoft Services Descriptions
US-CERT Vulnerability Notes Database
AZPCHelp Startup Program Listz Fairly comprehensive explanation of running processes
Winguides tweaking, managing and securing the Windows operating system
PCWorld spyware related software
CNET spyware removal software Caution: Some software I downloaded from this site was Malware.
Neuber Software Security Task Manager
The GNU C Library - Table of Contents
10 Speed Tweaks that can make a huge difference in Vista performance
XP Boot disk
Microsoft Multi-boot setup
Creating A DOS Bootable USB Key (All-in-One Package)
Microsoft Technet
Software software download site - e.g. antivirus (avg, antivir), UBCD ultimate boot cd
U of Maryland Virus Software
Antivirus Download from CNET
Brava Reader Reads PDFs - less crippled than Adobe Reader
Microsoft Windows Update (out of date)
How do I reset Windows Update components? (Fixing Windows Update)
Convenience Rollup (updates) for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (use cumulative quality rollups)
  (Rollups run better if Windows update service is turned off)
Microsoft windows update catalog
Windows Update Troubleshooter
(3rd party) Repair or reinstall Windows Update
Get the free Microsoft Windows Security Update CD.
"Windows Update error 0x80070490" (use System File Checker tool, DISM...)
Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.
  Details are included in windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log.
  e.g. C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log:
  How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and product upgrades, or replace product manuals
Clonezilla Live My favorite disk backup tool for Linux and Windows.
Fast and Free. Not very user friendly, but stops on error, and runs under user control - extremely important. (Tools that continue after an error, and/or do automated backups to a permanently mounted drive, are mostly useless, because if a source or destination drive starts to fail, or if you are infected by a virus, the new (bad) backups overwrite the old (good) backups. Likewise, Microsoft Windows backup is too complicated to use, because of microsoft adds too many copy protection features - most people don't succeed in creating a usable backup.)
You should only run backups to a removable drive that you remove when not doing a back-up, under your control, and after doing a "chkdsk/b :" (under a cmdshell run with administrative privilidges) on all source drives (for NTFS drives), or run fsck on linux partitions, or backups may not be recoverable. (Once in a while, and before your first backup, you may also want to run chkdsk/b on your destination drive.) If Clonezilla still fails with an I/O error, despite this, you can go into expert mode, and try the -rescue and -z6 (lzip) options. Old Clonezilla fails on Windows 8 and Windows 10, but it is possible new haved fixed this - or at least I see people used it.
Clonezilla is sometimes used to Clone hard drives as well as back them up - but beware that Microsoft doesn't approve of multiple PCs running the same licensed copy of Windows. It may also not work.
Instructions for Clonzilla
Zone Alarm from Zone Labs I don't use this anymore, because it slowed everything down. Windows Security Essentials is mostly sufficient, if kept up to date, and you regularly use Windows Update.
Quick View Plus Views many file formats, including non-crippled power point - 30 day trial
Sample ddrescue + gzip call: (ddrescue is on systemrescucd)
ddrescue /dev/sdb1 | gzip -9 > /hdd2/bkup/sdb_1.img.gz Free software configured to run out of a single directory - e.g. a USB memory stick.
Open source software: An all-star lineup Describes
  OpenOffice word processing, drawing, presenting, database
  Firefox web browser
  Thunderbird email
  Audacity sound recording, podcasting; (tutorials are listed here)
  CD Burner XP CD/DVD burning
  Gimp image editor
  7-zip zip format data compression/archiver
  Clonezilla hard drive cloning
  DoISO make bootable CD for Clonezilla
  Filezilla FTP client or server
Microsoft Download Center
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats
Operating Systems and such
Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide by Machtelt Garrels
Bash Guide for Beginners by Machtelt Garrels
Guide to Linux distributions and Unix like OS's (forum post)
Redhat Linux (Commercial version)
Fedora (Redhat's latest free Linux distribution)
Cygwin (Redhat's Linux inside windows)
Be sure to get wget, to download webpages with things like:
wget -r --follow-ftp --random-wait -l2 -e robots=off -H --convert-links &> wget1.log
wget -r --follow-ftp --random-wait -l0 -e robots=off --convert-links &> wget2.log
Note: "-e robots=off" is impolite, but is needed to mirror stuff.
MingW Variation of Cygwin, compiles executables that don't need Cygwin DLLs
MinGW for First Time Users HOWTO
loadlin - load linux from dos E.g., To install Redhat through a USB CDROM, copy loadlin.exe together with the contents of images\pxeboot from Disk 1 of the Fedora 3, reboot into MSDOS mode, type
  loadlin vmlinuz /dev/sda1 ro initrd=initrd.img
ntfsresize Resize NTFS partitions from linux
Linux Mint An easy to use windows-like linux distribution
Info on using NTFS partions from linux
Suze A common workstation Linux distribution
Ubuntu Linux distribution - the most popular at current? Resource Center for Free Operating Systems - includes list of official download sites; Iste not kept up to date
ReactOS Free Open Source Windows XP Clone
VMWARE (Non-free) PC Emulator
VMWARE provided virtual boxes
OSBoxes More virtual boxes
bootable Live [linux] system on CD or DVD (for disk recoery)
DDRESCUE Data Recovery Tool (associated with above)
Damaged Hard Disk (recovery info)
Software Download sources and reviews
Softpedia A great source!
CNET Note: I like their reviews, but you may accidentally click on a "downloader", which is a lot like malware.
CNET free software Note: See above.
CNET Reviews
GNU free software directory
Tucows (reviews software, including free software -- click on downloads)
Namecheap A reasonably cheap domain registrar; Coupon codes A FREE website hosting service - no ads, lots of space. Hosts this site. Works beautifully most of the time so far. A similar service, untested by me Another one
  Additional similar services Broadband Internet reliability issues
PCMag: The Best VPN Services of 2017
U.S. ISPs can legally resell info about everything you do over the Internet to anyone - and they do. In addition, WiFi and most shared communication lines (such as are used for Internet) are easily intercepted, and any website can be spoofed to fool your browser into making you reveal your accounts and passwords. So using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which encrypts the data, is often a good idea - if you trust the VPN service. (Since free VPN services must sell such info to make a profit, they probably can't be trusted.) Though a VPN may not stop anyone, like a government, willing to devote sufficient resources, from monitoring your activities (e.g., hiding your IP address and location may not work), so don't do anything illegal. Also, VPNs, like most things that rely on encryption, may not provide long-term privacy - in the long term, most secret codes can be broken, so intercepted data can be saved for future decryption. Yes, I'm being paranoid, but it is a well thought out paranoia. ☺

I tried two well rated VPN services, PureVPN and NordVPN. I had trouble accessing Yahoo and Google search engines and email, as well as video streaming services, and initially couldn't see PureVPN's own web page from PureVPN's own VPN server. But PureVPN tech support was very helpful, and found me (temporary) work arounds. They explained that many websites blacklist published VPN server IP addresses, which means they all work for a very limited period of time. So, while VPNs do help safeguard passwords, you should expect frequent unreliability when using commercial VPN services to access 3rd party servers. In addition, using a common VPN while logging in to gmail may be impossible, because they verify your IP address - unless you set up 2-step verification (e.g., verify you are you through a phone call - which won't work if you use Google Voice). (PureVPN suggested to always use the same VPN server IP address with gmail - maybe that would work.) The only reliable way to make a VPN work with 3rd party servers is to set up your own server, and not publish its existence. Some companies set up their own VPNs so their employees can access their own internal workplace networks. (Though, that can be a bad idea, if employees trust it too much, and ignore security.) Furthermore, VPNs usually slow down network access, and some ISPs deliberately slow down VPN and other proxy data.
PureVPN A well-rated relatively cheap VPN service, which I use.
NordVPN Another well rated VPN service that I tried.
Forum about VPNs Use your PC as a wireless router. PC must have WiFi hardware.
OpenWRT An operating system for (some) routers; allows things like allowing router to act as a VPN client
Can I use the Private Internet Access service with my router?
AdAware spyware remover; free version available
Routers that allow you to install dd-wrt Includes OpenVPN client, I think
Geobytes - locations of IP addresses
IP Chicken Your IP address
WhatIsMyIPAddress Another such service; gives location. Another one; also gives location.
Internet Speed Test Sites (A list and evaluation)
OOLA Internet Speed test
AT&T Internet Speed Test Internet Speed Test (Uses actual data??) Internet Speed TEst
BandWidth Place HTML5 Speed Test Internet Speed Tests
Some Yahoo Services (listed because they kindly used to host this site) DejaNews Usenet Archive
Yahoo Groups (discussion groups)
Yahoo Mail
Switch back to classic yahoo mail
Yahoo Search
DMOZ Directory of Internet links
Yahoo Babelfish web page translations
Other Useful Internet services Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Internet FAQ Archives

Programming Languages: Assembly
Jergerlehner Intel Assembler 80x86 CodeTable
Intel Assembly webring
NASM assembler Unix Assembly
FreeBSD Assembly Language tutorial
Assembly Language resources, (including Intel documentation)
Intel manuals
Intel stuff relating to instruction sets
Programming Languages: Fortran
Fortran Standards documents from gcc WIKI
Fortran 2008 Draft Standard
Fortran 2003 Final Committee Draft
Fortran 77 Standard
J3 - Fortran Standards
ACM Fortran "Forum" (plus Fortran Standard Committee activities)
Advanced Fortran Programming
The Fortran Company
Fortran Library (with links)
Intel® Software Documentation Library: includes Visual Fortran
TEK-TIPS Fortran Forum
comp.lang.fortran Google/Usenet group
Introduction and Basic Fortran from Michigan Tech CS201 course
Fortran 90 Tutorial from Stanford ME200C course
WikiBooks Fortran; Categories
Wikipedia: Fortran
Fixed to Free Form Fortran Conversion programs
Numerical Methods for Fortran Programmers Many resources
Programming Languages: J (from APL developer)
JSOFT Lots of free eBooks about software development (but check whether copy is legal first)
Programming Languages: Java
Dr. Daniel Wolf's Howard Community College Java course
Sun Java Documentation List of documentation - a bit confusing
Sun: The Java Tutorial Good starting point, but hard for beginners
Index to same
Sun API Applications Programmers Interface - lists classes, packages
The Java Language Specification Very detailed info
The Java[tm] Tutorial Books Other free online Sun books
Programming languages: Other
David Fanning's Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming
IDL Libraries Browser
Using IDL to Manipulate and Visualize Scientific Data An online tutorial
IDL Programming Resources
RSI Inc Provides IDL, ENVI
VNI Provides PV-WAVE
Gnu Data Language GDL = Open Software IDL clone
Matlab Clones including Octave and Scilab
The Free Country Free compilers and software
Guide to Computer Training: Resources for Programming Language
NOTE: Not all sold software is legit. I'm not sure how to tell, but any legit company should provide address and phone contact info
New Egg (discount electronics)
Printpal cartridges
PC Mall Note: web page includes no address or phone.
ANSI webstore - buy ANSI language standards
Calibrex comparison software shopping
Tiger Direct (Computer and electronics sales)
Fry's (Computer and electronics sales)
MarketPro - runs computer shows in some areas
Handheld PCs that run normal windows...
Dynamism (Japanese market extremely portable computers, including Sony U101, U1, U3)
  Alternate sources:, HFT Direct From Japan, iCube,
  Kemplar, Kurns & Patrick,
Antelope MCC small computer plugs into desktop or portable cradle about hand-held pcs The Home Of UMPC - (Ultra Mobile PC) Video Reviews
1 src forums
(US) Compact TV Tuners for UMPC
Hauppauge WinTV HVR 950 UMPC TV Tuner/DVR Review
Artec T14A Mini USB 2.0 Digital TV Tuner
Fuji PLUS USB HDTV ATSC/NTSC TV Tuner For PC&Notebook FD-USB728 USB 2.0 Interface
Pinnacle PCTV 1080i USB TV tuners


(See Ice Skating for ice dance)

Folklore Society of Greater Washington (FSGW) (dance)
DC Dancenet
DC Dancenet's Regular Dance Party Events
Waltechs Dance links in Baltimore (and vicinity)
Yahoo Directory of Dance
Folk dance association (lists regional dance locations) Washington D.C./Baltimore MD Dance
Glen Echo National Park activities
Written and Historical Data for Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo
A General History of Glen Echo Park, Richard A. Cook (1997)
salsanewyork NY style Salsa on two/ourdancemusic.htm salsanewyork Same web site, about Basic step
Salsa dance patterns (for salsa on 1) (fairly detailed)
Dance notes: salsa
Click for lessons List of studios teaching lessons (mostly commercial)
Henry's Dance Hotlist
Dance TV Learn to ballroom dance online
Folk dance association (U.S. and Canada Dance groups)
Ted Cranes Dance database
The Dance patterns database (also includes program for creating patterns)
Dance steps from EZ 30 minute dance course
Elements of English country dance
History of dance; other articles on dance on health, including steps
SCA Dance page (very old dances)
Renaissance dance and music
Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Dance and Ballet
American Ballet Theater Dictionary (of ballet terms)
Joe Body Dance Links
Physics of dance
Yahoo dance categories: because I got tired looking Internet forums and meetings, by area

Dates and times Official US time of day - requires Java
U of Maryland Academic Calendar
Calendars, yearly and perpetual
Federal holiday calendars

DC Metropolitan Area

Communities near College Park, MD:
Beltsville, MD
College Park, MD
University Park, MD
WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
  WMATA Maps
  WMATA PG County Transportation Map
  DC Metro trip planner (subway, bus)
  DC Metro regional transit links e.g., other buses
Link: Reston Town Center Line
Prince Georges county Transit Information (In upper right)
UMD Shuttlebus schedule; free pass links for College Park, Greenbelt, Hyattsville residents
TheBus (PG County; is free to seniors and disabled)
Maryland Regional Tranportation Agency
University Park, MD bus schedule to & from PG Plaza Metro Station
Public transportation Options in Your Community Very good links from APTA
Other: Internet forums and meetings, by area

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Geology

MD, DC and Virginia geology
Prince Georges County Atlas
Maryland Geological Survey
Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Science on the Internet for Educators
Downloadable charts of Chesapeake Bay area
York County, VA Blueways Map of water routes
Virginia Rocks and Ridges
Virginia Dept of Mines, Minerals and Energy
The Geology of Virginia (Colelge of William and Mary)
USGS Water Resources for MD, DE and DC
List of state geological survey web sites
Another such list
NOAA Nowcoast gis mapping - includes guage mapping and data
Software, hardware, including GPS
DeLorme Mapping and GPS Software
Center for Advanced Spatial Tech: Starting the Hunt FREE: GIS Data & Map Layers
Yale Map Collection info and sales links - very informative
Just GPS Links
Garmin - manufactures GPS
Magellan - manufactures GPS
Lowrance - manufactures GPS
TomTom - manufactures GPS
Anglers Electronics - discount GPS (cheaper if buy through Yahoo shopping)
Adventure GPS
Pocket GPS World (PDA GPS plug ins)
Caution Most Watch sized GPS's run out of battery power fast
Timex/Garmen GPS watch - needs separate GPS device
Garmin Forerunner, Foretrex GPS watches; also here
Suunto: x9i GPS watch GPS Watch with 5 hour battery time

Panbo: The Marine Electronics Weblog Portable Amerigo portable nav, open source
Map sources
(MapTech) Mapserver
MapTech navigation software, charts, GPS
Mapping Tools, Distance and Coordinate Calculators, Atlases, Outline Maps, Satellite Imagery, GPS, and GIS Datasets. US Government parks and recreation facilities
USGS Geographic Names Service Search for a name, find maps, images
HSU Library Maps and Atlases: Topographic Maps Shows major sources of digital maps in the U.S.
Garmin City map viewer online map viewer
Yahoo maps; API
Google maps; API
Google earth
Open Street Map Free open source street map
Waze a good Free Street navigation app
Wikimapia A free, complete, multilingual, up-to-date map of the whole world
Map for above
Hiking Project Free open source hiking maps
Maps on Us
Globe Explorer
1D03 Map Collections
NLA Cartographic Links
USGS links
USGS main site
USGS Eros data center
USGS Node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
Microsoft Terraserver
Another Terraserver link
USGS Geography: Viewing USGS Maps and Aerial Photo Images Online
LandVoyage unlimited use memberships available
Free Geodata
NOAA Oceanservice - includes nautical charts stuff
NOAA Nowcoast gis mapping

Remote sensing data
Pertaining to SAR:
Radar Remote Sensing - including tutorial on Radar polarimetry
Tutorial on Radar Polarimetry
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Alaska SAR Facility
JPL pages on imaging radar
SAR references
JPL distributed active archive data
Some more such JPL data, including AIRSAR
Radar sensors and techniques
Alaska satellite site
Remote sensing in general:
Professor Paul Mather home page, including Remote sensing and GIS links
Interesting WWW addresses
CEOS Committee on Earth Observation satellites
Arun's other links
JPL remote sensing bookmarks
Astronomia database
Old (English) DLR page
New (mostly German) DLR page
Other remote sensing information
Radar tools for linux
Softpedia engineering tools
GISDataDepot - General GIS Information

Health and Fitness/Injury Prevention/Anatomy

My A Short Treatise on the Art of Falling Gently
American Red Cross Courses in first aid
Red Cross On-Line Training
Price list from Susquehana Valley Red Cross
Wilderness Medical Association Courses in Wilderness First Aid
Center for Wilderness Safety
Stretching FAQ sports injury prevention page
Cramer Injury Location Diagram
Fitness Connection
Misc. Athletic Training & Sports Med Links
WebMD Medical Symptoms
Mayo Clinic - look up diseases, symptoms, treatments
Some other medical search links Free and $10 on-line physician / specialist consultations
American Academy of Family Physicians You can search their journal archives Click on Health and safety (mostly commercial)
National Center for Biotechnology Information
U.S. National Library of Medicine; National Institutes of Health Includes health information
Nureyev Medical Website Information on injuries due to dance
USFSA Official Sports Science and Medicine Volunteer Network info and links, such as SPIN!
"Skating Injuries And Their Treatment"
"How To Evaluate Figure Skating Injuries"
Virtual Sports Injury Clinic
Medscape Drugs & Diseases - peer reviewed comprehensive reference
NIH Drug Information Resources
Emory University: The Best Free Drug Reference Apps Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices (a lawyers' group)
Patient Assistance (pharmacy discount) for uninsured patients Walmart & other pharmacies
goodrx Stop Paying too much for your prescriptions Get Multiple quotes
Shop Costco for drugs (members only; mail order prices only)
Safeway Discount Prescription Card
Target S4 Generic drugs (May disappear from screen if you don't stop it.)
Nutrient Recommendations: Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI)
QuackWatch Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions by Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Wikipedia: Weight Training
Exercise Music Aerobics instructions on aerobics various celtic music organization index music index
Music video
Jumpybumpy: lots of music, but U.S. people must mail order from UK. I like some of their selections.
Multitrax: Big Europian music and video publisher
WaterWorkout tapes, music
carol largo water exercise tapes
ricierecordingstudio Aerobic Water Workout Fitness Training
Maui motions water workout dance and exercise videos
How To Exercise At Home: The 50 Best Free Online Workout Resources' Great Resources!
Centralhome Dance, Exercise, Sports and Fitness Videos & DVD
Fitness Video and DVD Superstore workout videos, music...
Activevideos dance, exercise, sports videos, music
AliMed Discount medical supplies
Falling: I believe in practicing gentle falls, but am still collecting info on this
CDC: Falls and Hip Fractures Among Older Adults
Doctor Healthy Net: Falls and Hip Fractures Among Older Adults
Analysis of movement strategies during unexpected falls
(Medical anatomical vocabulary is completely without value, but is needed to read tracts on injury prevention)
Gray's Anatomy (a classic text on anatomy; perhaps replaced by Moore and Daly)
Musculoskeletal Atlas by Carol Teitz, MD and Dan Graney, PhD
Yahoo Anatomy directory
Emuseum Human Anatomy
Enchanted Learning: Human Anatomy
Human anatomy in cross section
PSU Biology 29 Human Anatomy
Java Applets to view Visible Human Data (more future promise than present)
Medical Mnemonics
Upper Extremity Muscle Atlas
Lower Extremity Muscle Atlas
Human Anatomy Web Links by Dr. Karen E. Petersen, U of Washington

Ice Skating Links

My Washington, DC Area Ice Rinks with Schedules
General Info on Ice Skating
My Short Treatise on the Art of Falling Gently
My Why it's hard to skate in the Spring: Hockey Tournaments and the Economics of Ice Rinks
Modifying Skate Fit and Balance for Health, Longevity and Performance Journal of an adult figure skater; includes a novel Recreational Figure Skating FAQ SkateWeb: The Figure Skating Page (many skating links).
  Reference Material includes publication lists, dance patterns and music, ice physics, etc.
  News includes many forums, mailing lists, webzines, etc.
Coffeeskate Ice Dance Patterns and video links
Kseniya and Oleg Official YouTube Channel Shows Ice Dances - Great resource
Glenburg Figure Skating Club (NZ) Figure Skating Elements Move videos, descriptions
USFSA (U.S. Figure Skating Assoc) support materials, including rulebook (ordering paper copies) (The USFSA Basic Skills Instructor's Manual, with info on how to do basic moves up to single jumps, is only given to instructors registered through a USFSA Basic Skills program.)
More USFSA rulebook stuff
USFSA Rulebook (on-line)(Check all the tabs!)
USFSA Basic Skills outline
USFSA Singles/Pairs Judging Manual for Test Judges' Training (April 2008)
USFSA Moves in the Field: Move-By-Move Analysis~Common Errors and Test Standards; Reasons for Development (feb 2002)
USFSA Judging Manual for Ice Dance Judges' Training (Oct 2008)
USFSA (ISU?) Grade of Execution (out of date?)
  Dance OD & FD 2009-10,   CD 2008-9,   2009-10,   , FD(short)
  Singles 2008-9,   2009-10,
  Pairs 2008-9,   2009-10
United States Figure Skating
Members only page for same
USFSA pattern marking forms, with patterns
2004 USFSA Rulebook
Figures portion of same
USFSA SPIN! Skating Practioner's Information and Idea Network Includes exercises Teaching arm for basic USFSA and USA hockey skaters Event videos - mostly USFSA
Canadian Ice Dance patterns
Australian Ice Dance Patterns
Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) Sports (including live video)
Universal Sports NBC Sports TV Channel (includes some ISU skating competitions)
ISU (International Skating Union)
ISU Components videos on YouTube - very good
ISU Single and Pair Skating, Scale of Values, Guidelines for marking GOE and Levels for 2008-2009
ISU Single and Pair Skating GOE and Levels of difficulty for 2009-2010
ISU Ice Dance
ISU Publications Most of the ISU rules are in the Communications section
ISU Links Page Really nice links page. e.g. Various nation's discussion forums, many other useful links
ISI (Ice Skating Institute) sells cheap "Skaters and coaches handbook" and a "Test Standards DVD" that gives many detailed instructions
Some of their other publications - on-line
PSA (Professional Skaters Association
ISA (Ice Skating Australia): ISA Rulebook, ISU judging system
Reference Links for Skaters and Coaches from (excellent list)
Roller and Ice Dance Patterns from zzbarneg site Notice also the ice dance videos !
Jeff Goldsmith ice dance patterns (requires Netscape, Java, click on edges, label, draw rink) : Products, articles, social event schedule
Cheryl Richardson's Skating Ahead of the Curve e.g., Training exercises, History of Skating
Practice Exercises On-Ice & Off-Ice Training plans
Sk8Strong: The #1 Off-ice Training Resource for Figure Skaters and Coaches (sells training DVDs, manuals and equipment)
Figure skaters off the ice (exercises)
The Off-Ice Edge (exercises that advertise their equipment
Plyometric / Calisthenic Workout - 10/12/2008 by ngstylez workouts blog
  e.g. Plyometrics
Suricati's YouTube page of figure skating elements
Review Of "US Figure Skating's Skate Coach App For iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad"
Review of "SK8 Sports Figure Skating iPhone/iTouch/iPad App"
Michelle Kwan Figure Skating demo
XSENS full body capture clothing that might be used with software...
MotionPro Video Analysis and motion analysis software
The Virtual Library of Sport - Skating
Biomechanics I: Principles of Movement
Physics of dance - doesn't mention skating, but some relationship
Jump Physics
The Physics of Ice Skating
Physics of Skating
More skating physics from a hockey web site
[Glenbrook] The physics of sports
The physics of figure skating
The Science of Jumping and Rotating
The physics of dance
The Mathematics of Figure Skating
Figure skating spins
The Physics Of Figure Skating
YouTube video about jumping & spinning sports medicine,904.0/topicseen.html Charles MacDonald's Skating Links @cforums Figure Skating Discussions
Washington Figure Skating Club (WFSC): Other Figure Skating Web Sites
Technical Figure Skating by Kevin Anderson Jackson Skates--includes description of spins, jumps, short program elements Figure Skaters Website: sitemap, including pictures and descriptions of moves Related definitions and instructions on skating moves Nice set of links + on-line lessons on How to Ice Skate -- oops, this is now a roller site, no lessons More on-line lessons on ice skating More on-line lessons on ice skating Similar British site Videos on how to skate (text is Russian, but videos are clear)
Figure Skating Tutorials, Exercises & Tests How to just barely pass jump tests under USFSA rules - but not be graded well
(not so) Basic jump moves
Skating Ahead of the Curve Cheryl Richardson, figure skating coach and choreographer, offers fresh insights on free skating training.
Element Recognition How to recognize skating moves
Figure Skating Jumps Explanation of all jumps in figure skating. Originally uploaded by z4mboni to YouTube. Yahoo skating directory : includes list of dance weekends ice dancing, including partner search
I SkateMagazine Partner Search (in Britain)
637 human selected ice skating links
EHow Figure Skating Videos
Ice Dance Music Exchange: A source of ice dance music
Gerry's dance music and patterns
Dance Skating Music
Dance Music Getting dance music for U of MD dance classes members
DancePlus The Information Source for Ballroom Dance Music (sells CDs)
Skate Sharpening Information for Freestyle and Dance Skaters. (some things controversial)
Skate Sharpening for Figure Skaters FAQ
Skateology Technical info on sharpening - including sharpening equipment, manual
ScienceOfSharp Straight Razor sharpening experiments, lots of electron micrographs forums, info, ads
Article on shoe and boot modification
SportsFansOfAmerica Ice Skating Links
Encore Skating Apparel (Used skating clothing)
An eBay skating dress store
US Ice Wear New and custom skating outfits
Sewing for figure skaters Make your own soakers, over-boot tights, boot covers, skirts...
Grassroots to champions: Young Artist Showcase
Mr. Edge's website Questions to Mr. Edge through USFSA site
His book: Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury
Ice Skating Forums
Usenet archive for groups
Other Yahoo ice skating groups Yahoo Ice Dance Groups E.g.,
  Ice dancers,
  ICWDC: Ice Club of Washington, DC
  compadultsk8s ~ Competitive Adult Skaters (CAS)
  UKskaters primarily for skaters in the UK
  Ice Skating World forums
  AdultEdge Mailing list for intermediate to advanced adult figure skaters (Forums for skaters, parents, coaches, fans) All Unread topics
Archive of old forum More of same
The British equivalent
USFSA Skating forums
The Michelle Kwan Forum The "On The Ice" forum is about technique
Sasha Fans forum
Figure Skating Universe (Forums mostly for fans)
Golden Skate "The largest portal on the internet for figure skating resources"; includes many forums free skating videos
Universal Live and recent sports (including skating) broadcasts
Dancing on Ice TV show - UK only
Heather's Figure Skating TV Schedule
Ice Skating: Shopping
Ice Skating Suppliers
Pro-filer Ice skate sharpener I've used this Pro-Filter info on skate blades
Instructions for Pro-Filer Someone else's notes
Ice Palace Catalogue info on blades lists more info on blades; click on blades
Recreational Figure FAQ Skating - section on blades
Sweetstick sharpener Haven't tried it
USA Skates discount skating store

Laurel Springs School K-12 Distance Learning
Annenburg Learner Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

Caravan Skates The store is closed, but proprietor Don Giese did a good job of fitting me for one pair of skates, does great sharpenings, and helped make someone else's job of fitting skates fit me better. He plans to operate at a smaller scale out of Bowie, MD: call 301-262-8042. Plans to sell at discount over the Internet. Other people mention other local stores and people as good, like Mike Cunningham of Skater's Paradise (Waldorf, MD), and someone near Bel Air Ice Arena (MD).
Ice Skating Equipment and Supplies in Maryland
Rainbo Sport Shop
Discount Dance Supply Dance clothing that someone in skatingforums liked
Skate Connection Discount skate store in Delaware, keeps many skates in stock
Discount skates
Northern Ice and Dance Discount skating equipment.
Dante Cozzi Sports Discount skating equipment
Ultimate Skate Low price guarantee on Instructional Videos and Paramount blades
Tidewater Ice Discount skates. Will beat prices on MK, Wilson & Ultima blades
Kinzie's Closet Discount skates
Figure Skating Store Has some high end close-outs
Midwest Skate clearance blades New and used skate stuff
Ice And Roller Skates A British company, with discount boot and blade prices.
Demon Xtreme Another British company, with discount prices.
Hockey Monkey (also sells figure skates) Shoe Stretchers (boot press, ball and ring, rub bar)
Montana Leather Shoe Stretchers
Tognar Toolworks Ski & Snowboard tools for modifying boots
Silipos gel filled products (for your feet)
Skating Safe gel and fall protection products
Angel Prosthetic Gel Sock I wonder if this would work over your feet
Bunga Pads gel filled products (3 pages)
The Honourable Cordwainers' Company Shoe & Bootmakers - includes The Crispin Colloquy (forum) and a good links page.
Yahoo Medieval-leather group
Facebook forums: ShoeMaking, BootMaking, Leather Work, UK Leather Workers, Middle Kingdom Leather Workers Guild
Mahi Leather News Blog with general info about leather - Interesting; includes info on leather care and repair. (I have a leather duffel from Mahi - it is of good quality)
My page on leather skate boot care
Supplies for your own rink - ice and synthetic surfaces (synthetics may not work as well as ice.)
Back Yard Rinks (ice)
The Back Yard Ice Rink
Kwik Rink (synthetic)
ColdProducts (including ice and EZglide synthetic)
Ice-Nook (synthetic) The One Million Dollar Enclosed Ice Rink
Custom Ice Rinks - (real ice) including estimated costs


Prince Georges County Memorial Library System
Movie download
Anne Arundel County Public Library System
Montgomery County Public Libraries
Enoch Pratt Free Library (Baltimore)
Baltimore County Public Library
Howard County Public Library
The National Archives Lots stuff to look at
WorldCat - Find items in libraries near you
Open Library
The Free Library
Free Academic Databases (search, books, journals...)
Google Scholar
Yahoo Learning (Kids) Homework Help
CiteSeerX Scientific literature digital library and search engine
ELearning Learning Collecting the best information about ELearning
Elsevier Information on journals in a wide range of academic fields
getCITED Publication and citation information on academic articles whose information is entered by members
SCIRUS Science Specific Search Engine
Wikipedia list of academic databases and search engines many of which are free
Major Paid Subscription Academic Databases (search, books, journals...)
Ohio State University Library Research Databases List
Lexis Nexus
Minor Paid Subscription Academic Databases (search, books, journals...)
Factiva Business news and information
Gale Information solutions for libraries, schools and businesses
LION Literature Online
Questia The Online Library of Books and Journals - humanities and social sciences
Wharton School


DCMetro Greenbelt movies

Music and Video

(see also TV (Television)) Washington DC Metro Music Information community music group list
Dailymp3 freebie MP3 music conversions and utilities
(free) Audacity sound editing software
  Tutorial: Audacity; By Jeremy Rue
  How to clean up digital recordings using Audacity
  How to Cut Music With Audacity and other tutorials
  How to Slow Down Music With Audacity and other audacity tutorials
Online Tone Generator For testing hearing, audio systems
(YouTube) Audio and Video Downloader (for Firefox; YouTube doesn't want downloads to work; If it doesn't, update it and try again tomorrow)
Video DownloadHelper (for Firefox, many websites; same remarks on what to do if doesn't work.)
Olympics video cartoon
Music Theory at 8 Learn to sight sing
CDigix music and movie download service used by U of MD
YouTube Various free videos
Apple iPod software
Free podcasts: Digital Podcast National Geographic
Pandora Free or paid music
Spotify Similar
Accuradio Free music, by genere, or most popular
Google Music
Amazon Prime Music (Included with Amazon Prime)
Amazon Music Unlimited
Streema Free on-line Radio and TV
IHeartRadio Lots of free radio stations
Cannadian NFB Online videos Many are free
Berkeley's free course broadcasts
Same for Boston University
Same for lots of schools
and more, more, and more
Online Undergraduate Degree Programs


Note: Virtually all news media show bias, including these.
Google News Reasonably well organized on-line News source - for now.
CBS News; somewhat liberal; lots of stories
U.S. News and World Report Somewhat conservative; limited # of stories
Washington Post (Mostly a paid service.)
WTOP News headlines DC Area radio station; What I like: includes several day old news
ARS Technica Mostly Science & Tech News
Internet Archive You can look at some news sites to see old news
BBC British; sometimes tries to be unbiased.
Cryptome Computer security; monitoring technology; intelligence leaks - visit newspaper sites without private info

Phone number and/or address lookup

U.S. Govt Official time
OPM government status
Verizon (local phone company)phone lookup
Yellow Book phone lookup with map of all businesses
White Pages
Phone Lookup Genuinely Free Reverse number lookup, as of May 2017
SearchBug Another one
Spydialer Another one Another one Is only free for listed numbers
Morman Church free ancestry and people search page
Intellius Some info free

Phone services

AT&T GoPhone
AT&T Wireless
PCS Vision
PagePlus Cellular (I have used; Prepaid standard plan is a cheap way to use Verizon service)
SafeLink Wireless Offers free cell phone + service to low income families. (Government sponsored; other companies do that too - look up LifeLink.)
CellGuru comparison chart of prepaid cell plans

The Best Deals On Prepaid Mobile Data Info on cell phone features
Cell phone repair center 2538 Virginia Ave, NW, Washington, DC; near Watergate Hotel, 202-298-6104, 240-464-9091, 443-889-6665
GMPCS Satellite phones
Global Comsat Phone
USADatanet phone service Do Not Call advertisers list

Free Broadband Internet services
Freedompop "Free" cell phone service; data service (with device purchase)
NetZero Another "free" Internet service
Note: FreedomPop and NetZero's "Free" has limits & restrictions:
Freedompop's free wireless would be cool if it wasn't so shady
FreedomPop free plan is a bit dishonest
Free computer to computer/phone services (there are many others) (are these spyware?)
Yahoo Messenger with voice (Also has 2 cent/minute link to land line)
Skype (I use. Erratic connection quality, but usually works.)
MagicJack Skype competitor (I have used; usually works well, but first few seconds of call are erratic.)
netTALK Another competitor (not tried by me.)
Google Voice, About Google Voice Another competitor - log in here (Can forward calls to multiple phones; Can also use "Google Hangouts" app on cell phone; or bothboth.
  To forward Verizon or PagePlus voice mail to Google Voice, dial all 3 below:
  *71[Google Voice number] (Conditional forwarding: transfers to Google Voice if Verizon phone is busy or unanswered)
  *90[Google Voice number] (Busy Transfer: transfers to Google Voice if Verizon phone is busy)
  *92[Google Voice number] (No Answer Transfer: transfers to Google voice unanswered calls
Google Hangouts

Politics of conservation

League of conservation voters

Real Estate

Recreation Centers with classes (local) (Click on Recreational Facilities)
Greenbelt Recreational Brochure
Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center Additional info
Planet Fitness (Greenbelt Plaza) Gym - occasionally charges $99/year, as of 2016
Adele H Stamp Student Union Art & Learning Center
University of MD Campus Recreation Center
Non-credit classes and workshops and social (University of MD from graduate student life handbook)
Training at Maryland (University of MD)
Maryland State Gym (Upper Marlboro, MD) Child and adult fitness and gymnastics programs
MNCPP Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
PGCPR Prince Georges County Dept of Parks and Recreation
PGCPP Community Centers
PGCPP Community Centers near College Park, MD:
  Beltsville Community Center
  Berwyn Heights Community Center
  Bladensburg Community Center
  College Park Community Center
  Deerfield Run Community Center (Laurel)
  Fairland Sports and Aquatics Complex
  Good Luck Community Center (Lanham)
  Greenbelt Community Center
  Prince Georges Plaza Community Center
  Vansville Community Center (Beltsville)
PGCPR Senior Activities
  Langley Park Senior Activity Center (Hyattsville)
  Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center
PGCPR County Elegant Settings (Rentals)
Montgomery County Adult Education Classes
Montgomery County Recreation Senior Centers
Montgomery County Recreation
Montgomery County Recreation (Seniors)
Wood Shops and clubs that you can use
Howard County Woodworker's Guild (Columbia)
Annapolis woodworkers guild
Annapolis Woodworker Guild
Fort Meade Arts and Crafts Center (Looks wonderful, but not open to most of us.)
See more local guild and club lists,
(e.g., Maryland: Baltimore, Crownsville, Ellicott City, Forest Hill, La Plata)
(e.g., Virginia: Alexandria, Arlington, Burke, Christiansburg, Fairfax, Farmville, Herndon, Mclean, Midlothian, Narrows, Portsmouth, Roanoke, Salem, Springfield, Vienna, Virginia Beach, Waynesboro)
Woodmagazine Woodworking Clubs List
Woodworking classes, resources
Rockville, MD Woodcraft In-store Woodworking classes
Woodcraft of Springfield, VA In-Store Woodworking Classes; Associated wood shop
Thomas Jefferson Community Center (Arlington, VA)
Reston Community Center (Hunters Woods) has a wood shop
Montgomery County Adult Education Classes
Maryland Adult education courses in general
Maryland Adult Education
Maryland Adult Education resources by state
Fairfax County Public Schools
Same, instruction
Lowes free home improvement classes (select zip code 20784, New Carrolton)
University of Md ENBE 200: Fundamentals of Agricultural Mechanics (usually "restricted to required majors")
Wood Working Schools list at
My Making your own boats - boatbuilding classes, resources

Other Tool and Do-It-Yourself related stuff MAS Epoxies; How to Videos and Guides
Wood Magazine, including free videos
Klein Tools high end hand tools, used by electricians and others
  Tools A-Z
  Klein Tradesman-TV
  Klein [mostly construction] industry links
James Madison University: Hand Tool Safety
Hand Tools Institute
Essentials of woodworking: a textbook for schools By Ira Samuel Griffith Hand tools videos more videos
HandyGoddess videos at
ToolGirl videos
Homier Very cheap tools (Note: Cheap tools are not always good)
Harbor freight Very cheap tools
Northern Tool More cheap and not cheap tools
World of Hardwoods
Free state Timbers

Shopping, general

Caution I've recently had bad experiences ordering stuff from China. All the sellers had 97%+ positive feedback from eBay. Many others now tell me that you should only buy from 99.6%+ positive feedback sellers listed by eBay as top rated sellers - and read all the negative feedback. If anyone says they didn't get what they ordered, or that the seller delayed and delayed, or told them not to give a negative review, or had bad English - stay away from them. Make sure they have been selling through eBay for a few years, with 10,000 or more sales. Oddly enough, this didn't used to be true. I wish the Chinese government regulated merchants more carefully.

Big Lion Comparison shopping price comparison shopping
Paypal Pay by credit card for things at eBay and elsewhere
eBay Member Profile Search
Odyssey Auctions Searches eBay?, Smaller than eBay - less reputable?
Craigslist Local shopping (ads for free) - like Classifieds
Freecycle Offer or take items for free from other local members
BuyNothingProject Local Facebook groups similar to Freecycle
State-wise shopping directory
Better Business Bureau
McMaster-Carr General hardware supplies
Foreign import product lists Mostly wholesale; sellers not rated
AliExpress - Consumer buys through Alibaba (I think); (I have no experience with it)
List of competitors to AliExpress, from
Another such list from
Shopping Item Reviews
Student discounts Student Advantage Tech
Gradware Academic software
Health insurance and medical discount plans
FairHealth Estimate Your Health Care Costs
Free discount drug card
  Actually points to 50% drug discounts from Canada - legit?
Another, from

Cinergy Health Insurance that covers the expenses you are most likely to need, but not catastrophic care. Perhaps because some health providers only work with insured individuals?

Skiing - Cross Country

(Thanks to Aavedal and Westernik for contributing many of these)
Ski Clubs
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Ski Touring Section (PATC STS)
  Mailing list: Newsletter, tentative schedule
Ski Club of Washington DC (SCWDC) - mostly downhill skiing
Tug Hill Ski Club: includes conditions for Winona Forest, TUG Hill, NY Internet forums and meetings, by area
Weather (for skiing)
PATC STS ski conditions
NOAA Weather Service Watches and Warnings
West Virginia and MD weather
Garrett County (western MD) ski reports alternate
On the snow find the snow ski and snowboard resorts, XC skiing, snowshoeing and snow sports
Weather Underground
Pennsylvania XC Ski areas
Pennsylvania XC Ski Areas Skisite
Pennsylvania XC ski Areas A1 Trails
Pennsylvania XC ski areas dcnr
White Grass (Canaan Valey) resort weather
Weatherbug hourly reports, by zip code; requires download, security risk?
Nat'l Weather Service Main Web page
Pennsylvania XC Ski Club web pages, has weather Select State and click on XC ski button Click on a county to get forecast
AccuWeatherR5-Day Forecast by city
NOAA weather forecast by state WV road reports
Intellicast Highway/Driving conditions
WV road condition reports
Nasa Earth Science Office: Goes Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Images
XC Ski Places (MD)
Catoctin Mountain
Cunningham Falls Not certain if they ski there
Deep Creek Lake
Elk Ridge Nature works: near Savage River Lodge
Greenbelt National Park
Herrington Manor and Swallow Falls State Parks
New Germany State Park; Ranger office: 301-895-5453
Rock Creek National Park
Savage River Lodge; phone for New Germany/Western MD conditions: 301-689-3200
Sugarloaf mountain
Swallow Falls State Park
Directory of MD state forests and parks
MD Dept of National Resources
XC Ski Places (NH)
Jackson Ski Touring
XC Ski Places (NJ)
High Point
XC Ski Places (NY)
Osceola Tug Hill X-Country Ski Center
Tug Hill Ski Club: includes conditions for Winona Forest, TUG Hill, NY
The 1880 House B&B, in the heart of Salmon Country, Pulaski, NY; alternate
Hidden Acres Lodging near Tug Hill
More Tug Hill area lodging from MexicoTrailTriders
More Tug Hill area lodging from
More Tug Hill area lodging from
Tug Hill Area Super 8 motel
Cross Country Ski Areas of New York
NY Times article mentioning 44 ski areas - downhill or XC?
CROSS COUNTRY SKI AREAS ASSOCIATION Map and Directory of Member NY Cross Country Ski Centers
CCSAA directory
Welcome to the Tug Hill Region
I Love NY tourist site: includes ski places
NY Wildlife Management Areas; some include skiing
XC Ski Places (PA)
Allegheny Nat'l Forest Northern PA 814-723-5150
Blue Knob State Park (Claysburg) phone (800)-458-3403 or (814)-239-5111
From DC: PA turnpike west to Bedford (exit 11). North on US 220 to Osterburg. North on PA 869 to area.
Crystal Lake, Hughesville PA (northern PA); other site (out of date?) Crystal Lake Ski Center, 1716 Crystal Lake Rd
From Harrisburg go north on US 15 to I-80. East on I-80 to PA 147. North on 147 to US 220. Follow 220 north to Tivoli.
Ski touring center 570-584-2698
Conditions and Ski Info 570-584-4209
Hidden Valley, Somerset, PA near One Craighead Drive, Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania 15502
From DC: PA Turnpike west to Somerset (exit 110). West on PA 31 12 miles to area.
Snow report: 814-443-2600 or 800-443-7544
Laurel Mountain State Park; (Jennerstown)
See also state web site same as for laurel ridge?; Downhill portion web site
Snow conditions at Laurel Ridge STC, Rockwood PA; State Forester, Rockwood, PA: 724-455-3744 or 724-455-7303
Mount Davis, Grantsville
From Cumberland go west on I-48 to US 219 North. US 219 to Salisbury, then north to St. Paul. Watch for signs.
North Woods of Southern Forbes State Forest
From DC: PA Turnpike West to Somerset (exit 110). West on PA 31, 12 miles. Across from Hidden Valley.; Map
Seven Springs (Downhill ski resort)
Susquehannock State Forest 814-274-3600
PA Tourism site lists lots of resorts includes restaurant coupons
XC Ski Places (VT)
Craftsbury Outdoor Center
Mad River
XC Ski Places (WV)
Blackwater Falls; nordic center: 304-478-5005
Canaan Valley State Park; phone 304-866-4121
Cranberry Nordic STC, Marlington 304-653-4826 or 800-225-5982
Cheat Mountain Club
Elk River Touring Center, Slatyfork WV; phone 304-572-3771
Timberline (Canaan Valley, WV) phone: 800-snowing, 304-866-4801
White Grass; Phone: 304-866-3114
White Grass's links to many other resorts.
White Grass's links to lots of other resorts
White Grass's links to lots of other resorts
Note links to many other resorts.
XC Ski Places (WA)
Mount Washington Hotel and Resort
XC Ski Places (Canada)
Cross-country Skiing in Canada
Quebec government site on cross country skiing
A Cross Country Ski Directory
Ski Info
CCSAA XC ski directory Journal of Nordic Skiing
REI: Learn & Share -- Snow Sports


(See also My GIS and geology links )
Hotel coupons
Cheap Hotel Rooms
Fairbeaters airfares (student travel) air fares (name a price, it may be met)
TravelZoo top 20 deals Discount bus fares
Discount Airlines (flights usually not listed by above sites)
America West
ATA Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Independence Air
Jet Blue
Southwest Air
Spirit Airlines
Other travel links Traffic cameras -> Students Abroad -> Before You Go -> Health -> Vaccination
  Click on "Learn About Your Destination" for country specific info
Vaccinations to travel to the U.S.
The Essential Guide to Travelling with a Medical Condition

TV (Television)

(see also Music and Video)

TV forums

TV program listings
TV Guide listings
Yahoo TV listings By zip code
TIVO Online Enter zip code - similar
ZapItTV listings more detail
Comcast (XFinity) TV listings (Use Internet Explorer or Firefox, select zip code
  Comcast TV channel line-ups (requires Microsoft Internet Explorer). To see the cheap packages (starting at $13-$14/month), search for "basic cable".
Comcast: just for PG County, MD (Lanham line-up) Channel line up
Just Answer: Comcast Help and support for Comcast
then double click on provider)
TV Show Calendar goes farther into future than TV Guide
Movietube TV episodes, movies
Lists of antennas, antenna info
MythTV info on scanning for clear QAM channels
Myth TV A free software DVR
Silicon dust links to find broadcast channels
Antenna Web Lists broadcast TV stations by location More Over The Air and antenna info
Antenna Point Transmitter Locater Similar
FCC DTV Reception Maps< Similar
HDTV magazine list of HD broadcast stations
AfterDawn discussion forums (TV related)
(Legally) Watching TV shows online (alternatives to cable, satellite)
Crackle Free TV shows and Movies
PopCornFlix Similar
Pluto TV Free TV channels (must download app?)
Streema Free on-line Radio and TV
TubiTV TV and Movies, for free
Vudu (some of shows & movies are free; a good list of free & paid online shows)
Yahoo TV shows online
Yahoo View free TV episodes and movies - includes the free parts of Hulu On-line magazine, discusses non-cable TV distribution
Kodi A free IPTV streaming app - the leading platform for Internet Television
Note: You can find many "Kodi" or "Android TV" boxes on-line at eBay or Amazon, that can be used to watch TV and movies from various sources over the Internet, without a PC. From experience, many are fake or don't work - I suggest you restrict yourself to orders from top rated sellers from your own country. AFAIK, this link, only contains stuff that is legal in the U.S. and most countries.
Kodi Wiki Manual e.g., includes list of supported devices
Kodi Wiki: HOW-TO:Modify the video cache so audio and video don't stutter (i.e., start and stop).
  Example of advancedsettings.xml for Kodi 17, assuming lots of (flash-based) memory available. Also turns off flash image to speed kodi start-up. Goes in a directory named something like kodi/Userdata or .kodi/userdata.
GeeXboX - a small (can even boot from a CD or jump drive), very fast operating system that can run Kodi. I tried this because Kodi on a windows PC running on a (slow) Atom CPU kept stuttering despite using the above advancedsettings.xml
Installing the Husham Skin (allows more video shortcuts on Kodi screen)
(respository; Husham Add-on Wizard; Husham Confluence skin; You will have to work at this! And isn't kept up to date.
Major Paid Internet TV (IPTV) Services (prices may be old) $8+/month TV episodes and movies (8 days after showing)
  SomethingToStream on Hulu List of Hulu Shows and Movies; Search Hulu for shows
Roku A competitor to Hulu, and boxes to access Hulu-type services
Netflix $8+/month Movies and TV episodes
Amazon prime $11/month, $99/year Mostly movies; student discount available Gives lists of Amazon and Netflix movies - excellent page!

Acorn TV Streams British shows to the U.S. $5/month
Google Play
Playstation Vue $40-$75/month Live & on-demand TV channels
  Techhive review of Playstation Vue
Sling TV $20 and up/month Live & on-demand TV channels
The channel list on the home page includes all the available "extras". To get a an accurate cost breakdown go Here. Cloud DVR service with also extra, though some episodes on some channels on demand are included in basic service.
  Techhive review of SlingTV, with Replay table
DirecTVNow $40-$70/month Live & on-demand TV channels, Channel Lineup; See Also Here
Hulu with Live TV $40+/month Live & on-demand TV Channels + standard Hulu
Youtube TV $35/month; Review
fubo $35+/month
Layer3TV $85+ Initial price
MHz Choice $8/month International mysteries, dramas & comedies with easy-to-read English subtitles
HBO Now HBO's own on demand TV/Movie service
Disney will soon have it's own paid on demand service
TV Channels that also stream on-demand for free
Criteria for inclusion:
English Language, U.S.-viewable.
Broadcast, cable or satellite channels (to just get the big guys, and stay legal).
No X-rated (or above) adult content (because I don't want to look at it).
No apps required on PC except a common web browser, Flash, from their own websites, or kodi and its apps, downloaded from
No credit cards, financial or identity theft stuff required (I'm paranoid).
Not just a few teasers for a paid service - though in some cases, you can only see most recent episodes for free, typically by choosing show, then episodes.
General Programming
A & E
ABC (some markets - see also Yahoo View)
CW Seed
Disney Channel and Disney Junior (Some programs - click on show)
Fox (Click on Show - see also Yahoo View)
MPT Maryland Public Television & MPT2(Create) (PBS affiliate) (Click on show)
PBS (you pick local affiliate)
WETA (PBS affiliate) (Click on show)
USA Network (I got this to work before, but not recently)
Disney XD
News & Info
BBC World News
Bloomberg Business TV
CCTV4 (from Chinese Government)
AgapeTV (Christian, Tanzania)
Daystar (Christian)
EWTN Global Catholic Network
Hillsong Channel (Christian)
JCTV (Christian, Pakistan)
Juce (Christian)
Light Network (Christian, Phillippines)
Lighthouse Channel (Christian, Uganda)
Miracle Channel (Christian, Canada)
Smile of a Child
TBN Trinity Broadcast Network (Christian)
TBN Europe (Christian, Europe)
TBN Pacific (Christian, Pacific)
TBN Salsa (Christian, for Latino-Americans)
TBN UK (Christian, UK)
TBN Africa (Christian, Africa)
The Word Network (Christian)

Includes links to my Comcast channels - includes channels that are NOT FREE
Home Shopping Network
Home Shopping Network 2
Jewelry TV
Special Interest
American History Channel (CSPAN3)
Animal Planet
Comedy Central
COMET (Live feed only) Science Fiction
Fox 45 (Baltimore) Weather
History Channel; Military History Channel
PGCC TV Prince George's Community College Television
Revolt (Music)
Rev'n (Cars & Trucks)
Science Channel (Click on show)
The Weather Channel (Has some related programming)
The Africa Channel
UMUC TV University of Maryland / University College (lectures)
Viceland "Edgy" general programming

Other TV stuff
DBSTalk Forum list of Internet Streaming services Note: not all streaming services are legit.
Shout Factory TV (Free movies and episodes)
Comcast Xfinity Login Gives access to TV episodes, including more recent stuff, to Comcast subscribers
FilmON Many free (and premium) TV channels Lists of TV series info
TV Guide Online Video Guide Includes free and non-free TV episodes; purchase non-free
IMDB Internet Movie Database Includes TV Episode lists; can purchase episodes from Amazon video
Rotten Tomatoes Movie & TV reviews
Metacritic Similar.
Television without pity Forums on TV shows; Wikipedia article
iTunes - you can purchase some TV episodes through here. Note: iTunes is severe spyware.
Live TV from around the world
DMOZ Directories of Internet Broadcasts
MSN Video More TV feeds
Movies on-line
Redbox Instant
RabbitTV A dongle or service for links to free and not-free TV over Internet; As of 7/31/2017 didn't work - try here - why??
SelectTV Similar service from same company; $3/month
JustWatch lists programs by streaming service

Shopping Sources of cheap cables and switches:

University of MD

Main University Site
University Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Associated OIT helpdesk
Testudo - records and registration
Group Fitness schedule
Library sign in
U of Maryland Academic Calendar
UMD Student Affairs Events Catalog
UMD parking restrictions
Active Student Groups
SU list of groups
Terrapin Trail Club (e.g., kayak rolling)
  Mailing list
Campus Directory Search
terpunderground course and teacher evaluations professor evaluation for all schools
Weather alerts and closings
Hoff theater
Science in the evening program
University of Maryland Television schedule (not sure is up to date)
University of Maryland University College schedule
Montgomery County PEG schedule (Other such TV channels)
Area bookstores
U of MD discounts on Dell computers
U of MD Alumni Association: Potential savings
U of MD employment
U of MD Career Center
U of MD Returning Students Program of the Counseling Center


Wikipedia, The free encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Britannica online - mostly not free, but more scholarly
encyclopedia.comSearch over 100 encyclopedias and dictionaries
The Digital Universe (effort to create a refereed equivalent to Wikipedia
Merriam-webster dictionary and thesaurus
British Academy Portals and subject-specific information gateways Mostly copyright expired texts, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.
Yahoo reference
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics (encyclopedia)
Prime Encyclopedia
Planet Math
Cartage Themes, including science : mathematics
ATT Netlib Master List (free math software)
How Stuff Works
Identity theft (
Free annual credit report Run by credit card companies: opt out of pre-approved credit cards & insurance Stopping junk mail & email Government Do Not Call site
NPS historic leases

dogpile multiple engine search
metacrawler multiple engine search
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards group for stuff like HTML
  W3C technical reports
  HTML validator
Webmonkey The web developers resource education by creative professionals antimotivational poster website
W3Schools tutorials on HTML, etc.
jkorpela's IT and communication page
WDB Web Design Group: Web Authoring Reference, etc.
Haxe web design language Lots of religious text, lots of religions, folklore, philosophy
NOCR.NET Multilingual Multiversions Of Bible E.g., click on English to see English translations Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy Collection on the eServer
BestBatt Info on batteries
"Experimental Analysis of Batteries under Continuous and Intermittent Operations"
RadioShack's On-line Battery Guidebook