Mitch Grunes's Background

I graduated from Swarthmore College in 1980 with a Bachelor's degree in Physics, then worked for 25 years as a scientific computer programmer, in support of scientific research pertaining to remote sensing, image compression, and technical image processing. I mostly worked at the Naval Research Laboratory, in Washington, DC., under the technical direction of people at the top of their fields.

I used math and physics, both as a physics major, and at work. I have taught people to use my software, have written users manuals, and have authored or collaborated on scientific publications, and have delivered talks at scientific conferences. I have helped people of many ages to use math, physics, and computers.

I have also taught entry level kayaking, for the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery School, and ice skating, for the Fort Dupont Ice Arena Kids on Ice program.

Within reasonable limits, I believe that almost anyone can learn almost anything, given the right teacher, and a desire to learn.

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