Pictures from son Lee, Hanukah 2007

He worked at the
USDA Plant, Soil and Nutrition Lab
Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Dad with Nurse, Tim Reynolds At Kendal

Dave and Bob Foote
Dancing At Hawaiian Luau

Mom and Dad with Hanukah Menorahs

Mom and Dad and Mitch

Mom and Dad

Whole Family

Dad and Rima

Mom and Dad with bird cage at Kendal

Mom and Dad walking

With Lee at Kendal

With Mitch at Kendal

With Mom at Kendal

Memories of David Grunes from Lee Grunes

In Appreciation
For my loving father

I remember you:

In North Dakota:
Running along behind my first bicycle holding me steady until I move along by myself.
Watching and cheering me on when I was playing baseball in North Dakota.

In Ithaca:
As a kind, loving, and supportive father who nurtured his children’s academic and musical ambitions, and who faithfully attended and applauded at our musical performances.
Picking me up after school so I could participate in Marching Band.
Driving with me to all of the many colleges I was considering, including a long trip to Oberlin College in Ohio, which I almost attended.
Always encouraging me in my desires to study physics and science, including helping me to prepare a Science Fair project about mineral deficiency diseases in grasses (his own specialty.).
Participating in family walks and swims at Enfield Park.

In Oregon:
Taking an interest in my own work in electron microscopy, and relating to me his own experiences with some of the first electron microscopes.
Scampering up the flanks of Mount St Helens and hiking along the Oregon Coast with my wife Susan and me.
Swing Dancing with our daughter Julie at a big band concert in the Park.

Dad always loved music and square dance, and enjoyed laughing at funny stories.
He was a kind and gentle man, and will be missed by those whose lives he touched.

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