rem                     ---diagrami.bat---
rem MS-DOS procedure to diagram an IDL or PV-WAVE language program.

rem  by Mitchell R Grunes.

rem I assume that the executable is in directory c:\grunes on
rem  your PC.

rem Syntax:
rem     diagrami
rem to be prompted for input parameters.

rem Alternate Syntax:
rem     diagrami filename(s)
rem to append diagram of file(s) into diagram.out

if %1a == a  c:\grunes\diagrami
if %1a == a  goto quit

echo off
  echo ========================-- %1 --========================
  rem Prompt answers: input from %1, output to (for now),
  rem  place numbers in column 67, use IBM PC graphics.

  echo %1          >
  echo >>
  echo 67          >>
  echo 1           >>

  c:\grunes\diagrami <
  type >> diagram.out
  if not %1a == a goto loop
  echo Note--This does not delete diagram.out before appending to it.