This page is Out of date, because I no longer receive Comcast, and cannot mount an antenna in a practical location. I will remove it soon, so copy it if you want it. I have instead produced My Music, Video and TV which includes online streaming sources.

OTA Broadcast and Comcast Digital Cable Channels College Park, MD September 2016

Comcast's stated TV channel line-ups are incomplete. This list corresponds to the "Digital Preferred Line-up".
Comcast Get Help & Support
If your comcast cable boxes (such as Motorolla 3400M based DVRs) locks up and ignores remote button presses, try pressing the MyDVR button on the remote. If that fails, use the remote to turn the box off. If that fails, unplug the box for 15 seconds, and turn it back on. (That has the side effect of stopping any current recording, and it takes about a week to get the full TV schedule back.) Comcast boxes tend to lock up, or have trouble getting the TV schedule, unless they are left off most of the time. You can also try refreshing to refresh the box, by calling Comcast at 1-888-634-4434, though that may just do the same thing.

simple channel numbers like 7 are from Comcast.
+=Extra Cost Channels (resolution may be wrong)

<channel>-<subchanel>(freq rel) are broadcast channels from my attic antenna (just a cheap coax cable, last 7' stripped), where freq=analog channel #, rel=Reliability (A=100%, B=90-100%, C=40%-90%, D≤40%).

Some streaming web links don't work in Firefox if you set "Never remember History".

This prints best using Microsoft Internet Explorer, in Landscape mode, grayscale.


Channel_Name Category
480+Comcast Employee Channel?
970+ - 972+Local?
501+ 502+Comcast iN Demand PPVAdult
548+Hustler TVAdult
549+Penthouse TV XX.5 - New FrontierAdult
544+Playboy TVAdult
547+TEN XX.5 - New FrontierAdult
543+TenJuicy - New FrontierAdult
545+Vivid TVAdult
542+XTSY - New FrontierAdult
23-2(23A) 28723-1(23A)Daystar TV Network WDDNChristian
295Inspiration NetworkChristian
288Juce TVChristian
76Prince Georges Community TVChristian
98 290TBN Trinity Broadcasting NetworkChristian
297The Hillsong ChannelChristian
294The Word NetworkChristian
291945EWTN Eternal Word TV NetworkChristian Catholic
1666-1(34A) 813ION WPXWChristian, General
2020-1(35A) 24-1(41B) 810MyNetworkTV WDCA My20 24-1=WUTBChristian, General
282SMCHILD Smile of a Child NetworkChristian, Kids
61828Comedy CentralComedy
159+CIN Crime & Investigation NetworkCrime
111899ID Investigation DiscoveryCrime
9-3(9A) 203The Justice NetworkCrime
155946Ovation Arts NetworkDance, General
74Bowie State University TV / PBC2 WeatherEducational
109871National Geographic ChannelEducational
75995PGCC PG Community College TVEducational
194915Smithsonian NetworkEducational
47837TLC The Learning ChannelEducational
72UMTV University of MD/College Park Research ChannelEducational
73UMUC-TV University of MD/University College ResearchEducational
38831A&E Art & Entertainment Network (East) AETVEntertainment
53833E! Entertainment TVEntertainment
118834Esquire NetworkFashion, Home Improvement
122Cooking ChannelFood
54839Food NetworkFood
694+Sony Etertainment TV Asia InternationalForeign (Asia)
695+TV AsiaForeign (Asia)
660+CTI Zhong Tian ChannelForeign (China & Taiwan)
664+ETTV Global Superchannel TVForeign (China & Taiwan)
661+CCTV4 China Central TVForeign (China)
662+Phoenix Info NewsForeign (China)
663+Phoenix Satellite TV PNAX North AmericaForeign (China)
696+Star India GoldForeign (India)
692+Star India One US (LIFEOK Asian Magazine)Foreign (India)
693+Star India Plus USForeign (India)
691+ZeeTV USAForeign (India)
679+RAI ItaliaForeign (Italy)
674+TV JapanForeign (Japan)
667TVK1 TV Korea (aka TVK24 WKTV1)Foreign (Korea)
668+WKTV Cable KoreanForeign (Korea)
669+GMA Pinoy TVForeign Philipines, in various languages
30-1 - 30-6 271 - 276MHz Networks (See also)Foreign news broadcasts
5-2(36A) 197BUZZRGame Shows
179924GSN Game Show NetworkGame Shows
7 7-1(7A)2-1(38A) 807ABC American Broadcasting Company WJLA 2-1=WMARGeneral
50-2(50A) 54-2(40A) 201Antenna TVGeneral
60866BET Black Entertainment TVGeneral
99-1(9A) 13-1(13A) 809CBS Columbia Broadcasting System WUSA 13-1=WJZGeneral
4-2(48A) 208COZI TVGeneral
354-1(40A)50-1(50A) 803CW WDCW (54-1=WNUV)General
9 13-2(13A)DecadesGeneral
130934Discovery Family ChannelGeneral
162El Rey NetworkGeneral
55-1(36A) 45-1(46A) 805FOX Network WTTG 45-1=WBFFGeneral
17881Freeform (was ABC Family)General
14-3(15A) 24-2(41B)GRITGeneral
14-2(15A) 24-4(41B)Get-TVGeneral
20-3(35A) 264H&I Heroes & IconsGeneral
137830Hallmark ChannelGeneral
50835Lifetime TVGeneral
7-2(7A) 11-2(11A) 204Me-TV Memorable Entertainment TVGeneral
44-1(48A) 11-1(11A) 804NBC WRC 11-1=WBALGeneral
26-2(27A) 265PBS affilate WETA UK (WETA2)General
26-3(27A) 266PBS affiliate WETA Kids (WETA3)General
34827Spike TVGeneral
35826TBS Turner Broadcasting System WTBSGeneral
36825TNT Turner Network TVGeneral
42TV LandGeneral
59865TV OneGeneral
44880The Disney ChannelGeneral
45-3(46A) 20650-3(50A)This TVGeneral
13823USA NetworkGeneral
822Universal HDGeneral
993+Universal OrlandoGeneral
117836WE Women's EntertainmentGeneral
79 180900WGN AmericaGeneral
120ASPireGeneral (African American)
114930BBC America EastGeneral (British)
2-3(38A) 9-2(9A) 207Bounce TVGeneral, Black interest
Not all the same
19 32-2(33A)32-1(33A) 802PBS affiliate WHUTGeneral, Christian
Not all the same
21806RingSide Network TVGeneral, Leased Access
21806WMDEGeneral, Leased Access
163LogoGeneral, Lifestyle (Gay & Lesbian)
133Teen Nick TNCKGeneral, for teens
2222-1(42A) 67-1(29B) 812PBS affiliate MPT Maryland Public TVGeneral
Not all the same
26 26-4(27A)26-1(27A) 800PBS affiliate WETAGeneral
Not all the same
996Government AccessGovernment
181Discovery Life ChannelHealth
1998XFINITY Help and SupportHelp
105AH (CSPAN3) American History ChannelHistory
37875History ChannelHistory
176+Military History ChannelHistory
121DIY Do It Yourself NetworkHome Improvement
49-2(14A)MTDTV New Tang Dynasty TV Chinese (mostly)
680+TV5MONDE Etats UnisIn French
49-1(14A)MBC America Munhwa Broadcasting CorporationIn Korean
682+Rede Globo DC TelevisiadIn Portuguese
654+C1RWN Channel One Russia Worldwide NetworkIn Russian
655+WMNB RTN TV Russian TV NetworkIn Russian
657+Russian KinoIn Russian, movies
602+52MX Canal52-MexicoIn Spanish
124 592BABYIAS BaybyFirst AmericasIn Spanish
636+BANDAUS BandaMax US FeedIn Spanish
644+CSONY Cin SonyIn Spanish
615+Caracol TV InternationalIn Spanish
588+Centroamerica TV CATVIn Spanish
647+Cine Latino USIn Spanish
645+Cine Mexicano US FeedIn Spanish
651+Cinema Dinamita (US Feed)In Spanish
643+De Pelicula ClasicoIn Spanish
641+De Pelicula US FeedIn Spanish
593+Discovery Familia En EspanolIn Spanish
135 590877Disney XDIn Spanish
622+Ecuavisa InternacionalIn Spanish
584+Fox Deportes (North America)In Spanish
627+Fox LifeIn Spanish
567GalavisionIn Spanish
579+HITN TVIn Spanish
270 558LATVIn Spanish
141 630MTV3 TR3s: Musica y MasIn Spanish
601+MexicanalIn Spanish
605+Multimedios TV (US)In Spanish
631NBC UniversoIn Spanish
607+Once MexicoIn Spanish
626+Pasiones TV USIn Spanish
616+RCN Nuestra TeleIn Spanish
635+Ritmoson US FeedIn Spanish
571+SUR Canal SurIn Spanish
648+Starz Encore EspanolIn Spanish
623+Sur PeruIn Spanish
599TBN Enlace USA ETBNIn Spanish
670+TFC The Filipino ChannelIn Spanish
617+TV VenezuelaIn Spanish
618+TVEI2 TVE Internacional (Europe)In Spanish
621+TVNI TV Chile Television Internacional de ChileIn Spanish
604+Tele formulaIn Spanish
620+Telefe Internacional De ArgentinaIn Spanish
56315795Telefutura (UNIMAS-E) WMDOIn Spanish
633+Telehit USA feedIn Spanish
18 565796Telemundo Network WZDCIn Spanish
564+UNIMASIn Spanish
562+UnivisionIn Spanish
14 56114-1(15A) 794Univision (SI) WFDC In Spanish
586Univision DeportesIn Spanish
14 56114-1(15A) 794Univision WFDC In Spanish
637+Video RolaIn Spanish
649+ViendoMovies MOVIn Spanish
611+WAPA AmericaIn Spanish
597+EWTN en EspanolIn Spanish, Christian Catholic
575+Discovery en EspanolIn Spanish, Educational
577+History Channel En EspanolIn Spanish, History
594+V-me KidsIn Spanish, Kids
550XFINITY LatinoIn Spanish, Listings
328+CineMAX: MAX LatinoIn Spanish, Movies
311+HBOLAT Home Box Office Latino EastIn Spanish, Movies
198 568Azteca America Channel WQAWIn Spanish, News & Info
570+CNN En Espanol - Mexico & US - CNNLMIn Spanish, News & Info
583+ 726+BeIN Sport En EspanolIn Spanish, Sports
585+ESPN DeportesIn Spanish, Sports
587+LAS Latin American SportsIn Spanish, Sports
22-3(42A) 67-3(29B) 269 559PBS affiliate MPT3 V-meIn Spanish, some English subtitles
190Leased AccessInfomercials / Christian
45878CN Cartoon Network (TOON) / Adult Swim??Kids
125Disney Junior ChannelKids
132NICK2 Nick Too (Nickelodian Pacific)Kids
131Nick Jr.Kids
128935PBS Kids SproutKids
26-3(27A) 266PBS affiliate WETA Kids (WETA3)Kids
129Nick ToonsKids Cartoons
175Retirement Living TVLifestyle
116876 948VicelandLifestyle
498 540Adult On DemandListings
989+Automotive On DemandListings
488Free HD On Demand 2Listings
299+HBOOD Home Box Office on DemandListings
487 801HD On DemandListings
490HD Premium Channels in HDNET On DemandListings
186Infinity LatinoListings
990+My Government On DemandListings
992+Search Light On DemandListings
991+Travel & Leisure on DemandListings
986+XFinity Entertainment on Demand
Featured Clips "Sneak Peeks"
987XFinity Products & Services On DemandListings
298901Xfinity Free Movies on DemandListings
151 366Xfinity Movies on DemandListings
112American Heroes Channel (was The Military Channel)Military
40889AMC American Movie ClassicsMovies
320+319+CineMAX East (MAX)Movies
322+CineMAX West MAXPMovies
329+CineMAX: 5 Star MAX (5MAX)Movies
324+CineMAX: ActionMAX East ACMAXMovies
321+CineMAX: More MAX East MOMAXMovies
327+CineMAX: Movie MAX MMAXMovies
330+CineMAX: OuterMax (OMAX)Movies
325+CineMAX: ThrillerMAX East THMAXMovies
170FLIXe Flix Movie ChannelMovies
33824FX Fox ExtendedMovies
301+300+HBO Home Box Office EastMovies
302+HBO2 Home Box Office 2 EastMovies
305+HBOC Home Box Office Comedy EastMovies
304+HBOF Home Box Office Family EastMovies
303+HBOSIG Home Box Office Signature EastMovies
306+HBOWest Home Box Office WestMovies
310+HBOZ Home Box Office Zone EastMovies
298901HDOD2 Free Movies On Demand 2Movies
157894HMM Hallmark Movie & Mysteries
(was Hallmark Movie Channel)
164893IFC Independent Film ChannelMovies
119895Lifetime MoviesMovies
20-2(35A) 200MOVIES! NetworkMovies
149MPLEX MoviePlexMovies
161Reelz ChannelMovies
341+Showtime 2 EastMovies
346+Showtime Beyond EastMovies
340+339+Showtime EastMovies
347+Showtime ExtremeMovies
342+Showtime Showcase EastMovies
888Spotlight Showcase (Comcast Marketplace) on DemandMovies
374+Starz CinemaMovies
375+Starz ComedyMovies
371+Starz EdgeMovies
150891Starz EncoreMovies
152Starz Encore ActionMovies
158Starz Encore BlackMovies
156Starz Encore ClassicMovies
134Starz Encore FamilyMovies
154Starz Encore SuspenseMovies
373+Starz Kids & FamilyMovies
372+Starz in BlackMovies
165Sundance TVMovies
169890TCM Turner Classic MoviesMovies
350+351+TMC The Movie Channel EastMovies
352+TMCX The Movie Channel Extra EastMovies
870Velocity ChannelMovies
315 499XFINITY Movies on demandMovies
160Starz Encore WesternsMovies: Westerns
142BET JamsMusic
144BET SoulMusic
146+883+CMT Country Music TVMusic
145CMT MusicMusic
147GAC Great American CountryMusic
491HD Music On DemandMusic
401 - 450MC Musical Choice channelsMusic
449MC Classical: Classical MasterpiecesMusic
450MC Classical: Light ClassicalMusic
434MC Country: Classic CountryMusic
433MC Country: Country HitsMusic
431MC Country: Pop & CountryMusic
432MC Country: Today's CountryMusic
438MC Ethnic: MexicanaMusic
437MC Ethnic: Musica UrbanaMusic
436MC Ethnic: Pop LatinoMusic
412MC Ethnic: ReggaeMusic
440MC Ethnic: RomancesMusic
439MC Ethnic: TropicalesMusic
446MC Jazz: BluesMusic
445MC Jazz: JazzMusic
447MC Jazz: Singers & SwingMusic
444MC Jazz: Smooth JazzMusic
435MC Other: Contemporary ChristianMusic
403MC Other: Dance/EDMMusic
448MC Other: Easy ListeningMusic
411MC Other: GospelMusic
424MC Other: Kidz Only!Music
422MC Other: Party FavoratesMusic
443MC Other: Sound ScapesMusic
441MC Other: Sounds of the SeasonMusic
442MC Other: Stage & ScreenMusic
423MC Other: Teen BeatsMusic
425MC Other: Toddler TunesMusic
429MC Popular: 70'sMusic
428MC Popular: 80'sMusic
427MC Popular: 90'sMusic
401MC Popular: Hit ListMusic
404MC Popular: IndieMusic
420MC Popular: Love SongsMusic
421MC Popular: Pop HitsMusic
430MC Popular: Solid Gold Oldies (50's,60's)Music
426MC Popular: Y2KMusic
415MC Rock: AlternativeMusic
418MC Rock: Classic RockMusic
417MC Rock: HitsMusic
414MC Rock: MetalMusic
413MC Rock: RockMusic
419MC Rock: Soft RockMusic
416MC Urban: Adult AlternativeMusic
407MC Urban: Hip-Hop ClassicsMusic
405MC Urban: Hip-Hop and R&BMusic
402MC Urban: Max (Hits & Rap)Music
409MC Urban: R&B ClassicsMusic
410MC Urban: R&B SoulMusic
406MC Urban: RapMusic
408MC Urban: Throwback JamzMusic
882MTV LiveMusic
57884MTV Music TVMusic
139MTV-HIT Hits (Music Mix) (U.S.)Music
140MTV2 Music TV 2Music
153RVLT RevoltMusic
143VH1 ClassicMusic
56886VH1 Video Hits One EastMusic
697MNET Korean American videosMusic Videos
174Centric (was BET On Jazz)Music and Black Women's Lifestyle
46868Animal PlanetNature
108914National Geographic WildNature
31819CNBC Consumer News and Business ChannelNews & Info
29817CNN Cable News NetworkNews & Info
104942CSPAN2News & Info
71College Park Announcements/PIN (Product Information Network)News & Info
113873Destination AmericaNews & Info
106821FBN Fox Business NetworkNews & Info
28816HLN Headline NewsNews & Info
67-2(29B) 67-4(29B) 26822-2(42A) 799PBS affiliate MPT2 PBS Select; @createNews & Info
67-2(29B) 67-4(29B)26822-2(42A) 799PBS affiliate MPT2 PBS Select; @createNews & Info
67-2(29B) 67-4(29B) 26822-2(42A) 799PBS affiliate MPT2 PBS Select; @createNews & Info
70PGGOV PG County Govt AnnouncementsNews & Info
652+TIN The Israeli NetworkNews & Info
193The Africa ChannelNews & Info
8808WNC8 News Channel 8News & Info
30-5(24B) 275MHz5 Africa TodayNews & Info (African)
103814Bloomberg Business TVNews & Info (Business)
32820FNC Fox News ChannelNews & Info (Conservative)
30-1(24B) 271MHz1 MHz Worldview DCNews & Info (Foreign)
277MHz7 France 24News & Info (Foreign)
278MHz8 CNC WorldNews & Info (Foreign)
279MHz9 Arirang (South Korea)News & Info (Foreign)
690+ABPN NewsNews & Info (India)
22-4(42A) 30-2(24B) 272MHz2 NHK WorldNews & Info (Japanese)
30-4(24B) 274MHz4 Russia TodayNews & Info (Russian)
171BBC World NewsNews & Info(British)
280MHz10 TeleSUR (Venezuela)News & Info, In Spanish
30-3(24B) 273MHz3 CCTV NewsNews & Info, in Chinese, some English
30-6(24B) 276MHz6 CCTV DocumentaryNews & Info, in various languages
30818MSNBC Microsoft NBCNews & Info/Paid Programming
24941CSPAN Cable Satellite Public Affairs NetworkNews & Info
Not all the same
1XOD XFINITY on DemandPPV listings
66 187841TruTVReality TV
77 96PGC Public Schools1 SCHSchool
78PGC Public Schools2 / Dance SCH2School
78 96PGC Public Schools3 / DanceSchool
110872SCI Science ChannelScience
7-3(7A) 54-3(40A) 205COMETScience Fiction
41829SyFy ChannelScience Fiction
48869Discovery ChannelScience, General
89 283EVINE Live (Leased Access)Shopping
2 66-5(34A)811HSN Home Shopping NetworkShopping
88HSN2 Home Shopping Network 2Shopping
66-4(34A)Ion ShopShopping
23 49-6(14A) 184JTV Jewelry TV by ACNShopping
6 49-3(14A) 66-6(34A)798QVC NetworkShopping
52838HGTV Home & Garden TelevisionShopping for homes
100940Pop (TVGC)Shopping, General
66-3(34A)Ion LifeShopping, Lifestyle
24-3(41B)American Sports NetworkSports
715855Big Ten NetworkSports
713 714Big Ten Network OverflowSports
732854Columbia Broadcasting System Sports NetworkSports
723+ESPN ClassicSports
11850ESPN Entertainment & Sports Programming NetworkSports
730853ESPN UniversitySports
720+Fox College Sports - AtlanticSports
721+Fox College Sports - CentralSports
722+Fox College Sports - PacificSports
63857Fox Sports 1Sports
789+ - 790+GAME NHL Center Ice Hockey & MLB Extra Innings BaseballSports
65849Golf ChannelSports
785+HDPPV In Demand HDPPV (events)Sports
62845MASN Mid-Atlantic Sports NetworkSports
738859MLB Major League Baseball NetworkSports
749863NBA TVSports
64848NBC Sports Network (was Versus)Sports
733860NFL NetworkSports
734+861+NFL RedZoneSports
739858NHL NetworkSports
728864Outdoor ChannelSports
710913SEC NetworkSports
735+862+Tennis ChannelSports
736+The Sportsman ChannelSports
717+Clubhouse Channel (TV Games Network 2)Sports Horse Racing
751+ - 760+TEAM NBA League Pass 1 - 10Sports, Basketball
718TV Games NetworkSports, Horse Racing
771, 772+ - 784+GAME 1-14Sports, MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey
689+Willow PlusSports: Cricket
712+ESPN Bases LoadedSports: Football & Basketball
10846CSNDC Comcast SportsNet Mid-AtlanticSports
Not all the same
80856TCN The Comcast Network Mid-AtlanticSports
Not all the same
49896OWN The Oprah Winfrey Network EastTalk
55840Travel ChannelTravel
45-2(46A)Fox 45 Weather nationWeather
27815TWC The Weather ChannelWeather
101Weatherscan Local (from The Weather Channel)Weather