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Music and Sound
 Local (DC area) Music Performance Groups
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 Definitions of 1D, 2D and 3D spatial sound terms
 Music and Sound Sources
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Music and Sound

Local (DC area) Music Performance Groups Washington DC Metro Music Information community music group list

Sound Processing Software

(free) Audacity sound editing software
  Tutorial: Audacity; By Jeremy Rue
  How to clean up digital recordings using Audacity
  How to Cut Music With Audacity and other tutorials
  How to Slow Down Music With Audacity and other audacity tutorials
5.1 surround individual speaker volume adjustment (Microsoft Windows). E.g., center channel holds dialog.

Equalizers let you adjust the volume of frequency bands
IMO, the best let you interactively set the volume of each band, like an old fashioned graphic equalizer.

TFM Audio Filter 10 band graphic equalizer for microsoft windows. It also reduces dynamic range; not always desirable.
Note: There are browser addons that do the same thing, like Muyer Audio Equalizer for Firefox. More importantly, Windows itself has one, if you configure the sound device (to increase the bit rate and depth), and play with its configuration and properties. (The windows interactive interface is extremely non-obvious. You right click on the volume icon in the taskbar, select the audio device, bring up a control panel menu, select the device again, and play with configuration and the various tabs of the properties menu.) While one is at it, one can turn make some PC audio devices (including HDMI drivers) use 7.1 sound, for input into a cheap old used home theater (which will sound just as good as a new one), and/or can configure the headphone driver to emulate surround sound. Add virtual binaural sound software, and this eliminates the need to buy an AVR and speakers. (But I'm still playing and am not sure how well they work yet.
Equalizer APO is an equalizer with up to 20 bands. Doesn't have a user friendly GUI.
Room EQ Wizard provides a user friendly interface to Equalizer APO, but I think you need a microphone to make it work.
This page gives tips on using Equalizer APO
Youtube video on using Equalizer APO
Peace Equalizer GUI, uses Equalizer APO; Tutorial Looks very good
Software to create virtual binaural sound (for headphones) from surround sound (see definitions below)

(Microsoft) Windows sonic (free with Windows 7 or 10)
Dolby Acess (Dolby Atmos for Windows or XBox) for headphones
DTS Sound Unbound, DTX:X, DTS Headphone: X
Spatial Sound Card
HeSuVi: Use every Headphone Surround Virtualization on all Sound Cards with EQ APO (Guide);
  Free - Use instead of above software. Based on Equalizer APO. I like the sbx100-.wav virtualization best, atmos-.wav almost as well. Includes channel level changes; It says to use 48kHz sampling, but I prefer 192kHz (24 bit).

Definitions of 1D, 2D and 3D spatial sound terms

I am not an expert; these definitions may not be quite right, and different people use terms differently.
  1. Spatial sound is sound that people can locate in space.
    But, unqualifed, "spatial sound", or "virtual sound" specifically often mean any sound processing technique that helps people locate sound sources in 3D space - e.g., 3D surround sound, or binaural sound (see below), or it means virtual sound software or hardware (see below for definition).

    People say human interpretation of spatial sound is extremely complex and is partly learned rather than pre-wired. We take into account relative sound volume, phase, (ear, origin point and frequency dependent) time of arrival, in the two ears. We also use and interpret echos, and the effects on the other mentioned things of conduction, dispersion (differences in time of arrival between frequencies), scattering, and diffraction (bending) around the head and body. We also sometimes move, tilt and rotate our heads, and see how that changes what we hear.
    The Basis of binaural sound: Wikipedia Article on Sound Localization

    There are studies that claim that people who haven't heard surround sound (see below for definition) before can't interpret it in 2D or 3D. Just like there are studies that claim people who haven't seen flat pictures before, even if the pictures properly use shadows, perspective, reflections, and brightness variation, don't see them in 3D, because in the real world, people can also use parallax, adaptive focussing, and polarization effects, combined with head motions, to see depth and texture. Studies have shown that people who watch too much TV as young children never learn to see 3D in the real world; maybe the same is true of surround sound, and perhaps even binaural sound (see below for definition)??

  2. Simple mono (or monophonic) sound Effectively recorded with one real or virtual (i.e., simulated) fixed location mike. You can not locate the sound source by listening.
  3. Simple stereo (or stereophonic) sound Effectively recorded with two real or virtual fixed mikes. Best played back on 2 speakers, or headphones. Purely 1D spatial seperation, across a line.
  4. Surround sound More real or virtual microphones and speakers. Can to some extent place objects in 2D. And, if some of the microphones and speakers are at different heights, in 3D. Because the microphone and speaker locations don't actually match the sound source locations, and don't take into full account conduction, diffraction, dispersion and scattering, can't actually locate things quite right. Among other things, that means that if you move around, the perceived location changes. It also in turn messes up and sometimes overemphasizes sound wave constructive and destructive interference. It does handle head rotations fairly well, and with many height speakers, may handle head tilts fairly well. When done fairly well, can sound fairly good.
  5. Binaural sound Effectively recorded with 2 real or virtual microphones, located in the ears of a real or fake person's head. Works best if played back on headphones. In theory, this exactly reproduces full 3D sound as received by real human beings much better than surround sound. But like surround sound, has some limitations, because different people have different shape and density heads and bodies. Also, it does not respond to head rotations, tilts or moving around well. In my tests, I personally preferred real or simulated binaural sound to surround sound, but that might be because my headphones are higher quality than my speakers.
    1. Virtual surround sound Binaural sound produced from surround sound by software.
      Some people call binaural sound "surround sound", but that is atypical.
    2. Virtual reality games and headsets that implement binaural sound may respond to head motions, if the software handles it. Perhaps at some point binaural sound techniques will evolve to handle that too, which would be ideal.
  6. Dolby Atmos is a mixture of surround and simulated binaural techniques, though Dolby doesn't fully describe it. They use many microphones. In addition, a sound engineer or software(?) attempts to determine where the sound sources are physically located in 3D, and that "metadata" is added into the bitstream in connection with each sound element. When played back on speakers, sounds like good 5.1 3D surround sound. When played on headphones, the best examples sound like binaural sound.
  7. I haven't found any working examples of true surround sound on Youtube - perhaps Youtube can't do it, or most people don't know how to make it do it? The claimed surround sound instances are either binaural sound (which is better, in my personal view, if you use headphones), or don't work.
  8. My attempts to use Windows sonic to turn surround sound into simulated binaural sound aren't nearly as good as many simulated binaural examples on the web. Also, there is no way to boost the center channel component. Does other software do better??
  9. When I use Windows sonic, it drops the bit stream down to 16 bit 48,000 bps - which reduces quality noticeably if you use a good sound card and good headphones. I wonder if other software doesn't do that. 24 bits, 96,000 bps is better. (If you go even higher, some AVRs and other hardware have trouble using it, or won't let you play with it.
  10. I mentioned Use every Headphone Surround Virtualization on all Sound Cards with EQ APO (Guide) above - I am reasonably happy with it, and it's free.

Music and Sound Sources
Youtube: Search for "Hifi Test"; Note: No surround sound.
Youtube: Search for "Audiophile"; Note: No surround sound.
Youtube: Search for "NBR Music"; Note: No surround sound.
Youtube: PCM Surround Sound Test; No surround sound, possibly some binaural sound.
Fraunhofer surround sound tests; 5.1 worked on my Windows 10 system, but on my Windows 7 system only if the files were downloaded. I can't make 7.1 work on Firefox, but works on Chrome.
The Digital Theater Lots of demos, trailers, including true surround sound.
  Dolby Trailers
Dolby's own trailer site (fewer)
AVSForum thread with sample surround sound/video file links
  Including this 7.1/8.2 DTS audio test that works for me
Berlin Mastering Samples of binaural sound, generated from surround sound - I couldn't get the first video to work on my system, but the rest are awesome.
  3D Surround Sound (TEST) (Is actually binaural recording, not surround sound
Starkey Cetera Barbershop binaural sound / spatial sound example
More binaural sound here, here, here
Digital 3D 7.1 Surround Sound Test using spatial sound; another one.
Another spatial sound demo - wow!
Hear New York City in 3D audio - another example
Sennheiser: A 3D Audio Thriller
How to use Windows 10’s awesome 3D sound for headphones
Ars Technica: Spatial audio is the most exciting thing to happen to pop music since stereo

Online Tone Generator (sound frequency generator)
  My settings to test audio equipment and hearing response: freq 10-25000, dur. 100, sine, exp sweep.
  NB: Harmonic distortion can make you think you hear "virtual pitches" lower than is really there or even that you can hear; some soundcards wrap high frequencies to lower frequencies. I like to equalize pitches to sound as equally loud as possible. Frequency Sweeps (downloadable)
However, many sources say one should instead equalize so that a frequency sweep with uniform perceived "loudness", as heard by a typical human with good hearing, sounds equally loud at all pitches. Here are a few such sweeps:
Perceptual Sweep; Click on "The sound File"
Perceptual Sweep Spectral Flatness Test
Pack: Test Tones by Timbre; Click on "equal-loudness log sine sweep up-down.wav"

My Exercise Music links
Pandora Free or paid music
Spotify Similar
Apple Music Similar, but $5 (student), $10 (individual) $15 (family)/month
Tidal Similar, but $5 (student), $10 (individual) / month
Accuradio Free music, by genere, or most popular
Google Music
Amazon Prime Music (Included with Amazon Prime)
Amazon Music Unlimited
Streema Free on-line Radio and TV stations
Deezer Free or paid music subscription
IHeartRadio Lots of free radio stations
Digital Podcast Free Podcasts
Librivox Free Audiobooks

Other Music Stuff
Music Theory at 8 Learn to sight sing

TV (Television) and Video

English Language IPTV for U.S. Viewers (Big Table)

Hints for better streaming: Unless your computer is very slow, turn off hardware acceleration. Roku streams better than PC browsers - doesn't crash as often, handles data delays better.

For inclusion in my table, shows must be streamable on Demand or live in U.S.A. without a cable, satellite or other aggregator (MVPD) subscription. (I have randomly included some common channels that require a subscription).
I omit Adult (e.g., X rated) channels.
Not a completely comprehensive list!

Classified by whether free, and by content.
Also recommended: Roku boxes include many channels not listed here. They are much easier to use than Kodi apps and Android TV boxes.
Cautions: Many channels exist to push specific political or religious positions, or to host informercials, and will seem biased to people of other affiliations, often including myself. Much of my info is incomplete, out of date or incorrect. When categories are seperated by commas (e.g., General, Religious affiliation), that means the station includes both categories, in decreasing order of frequency.
Free? Abbreviations
  Free=Free on demand episodes (no credit card needed; more than just teasers - though in some cases, only recent episodes are free)
  SomeFree=Some episodes are free on demand (I won't list this if there are only short clips, or a few teaser episodes)
  Sub=channel subscription required
  Agg=Aggregator (e.g., Cable, Satellite...) Subscription Required
  Agg/Sub=Aggregator or Subscription Required
  LimTFree=Limited viewing time Free at once
  Live=Only Live available
  PPV=Pay per view
View with A browser (+optional add-on or extension)that sees videos (not necessarally optimal; only tested on websute if subscription required), specifically Chrome and/or FireFox and/or IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) [Note: Chrome+Flash, FireFox+Flash, or Opera+Flash may work instead of IE+Flash if you set the browser to allow Flash on that website] and/or Kodi and/or flash and/or Silverlight; "App" means requires an app; ? means I couldn't check

Free? View with Channel_Name Category
SomeFree?A&E Art & Entertainment Network AETVEntertainment
Agg?AAC NetworkSports
FreeChromeABC American Broadcasting Company; AffiliatesGeneral
SomeFreeIE+FlashAPTN Aboriginal Peoples Television NetworkGeneral (Canadian)
FreeChromeABPN NewsNews (India)
SomeFreeChromeACC Atlantic Coast Conference; Affiliates; and here football and basketballSports
FreeChromeAccuweather; AffiliatesWeather
SubChromeThe Action Channel Men's interistSports & Movies
FreeChromeAdult SwimCartoons for adults
SomeFreeChromeThe Africa ChannelNews
FreeChromeAfrica Today; Wikipedia(Foreign)
FreeChromeAl Jazeera English; WikipediaNews (Quatar; Arab/Muslim perspective)
SomeFreeIE+FlashAltitude SportsSports
FreeChromeAmazing FactsChristian
SomeFreeChromeAmerican Heroes Channel (was The Military Channel)Military
SomeFreeChromeAMC American Movie ClassicsMovies
Agg?American History Channel AH (CSPAN3)History
FreeChromeAmerican Sports NetworkSports
LiveChromeAngel OneChristian
LiveChromeAngel TwoChristian
SomeFreeChromeAnimal PlanetNature
Sub?Annenberg Learner Teacher ResourcesEducational
FreeIE+FlashArirang; WikipediaNews (South Korea)
LiveChromeArise NewsNews (Ethiopia)
SomeFreeChromeASPireGeneral (African American)
AggAppAT&T SportsNetSports
AggChromeAXS tvMusic (mostly), Comedy & Sports
FreeChromeBaby TVKids
Agg?BBC AmericaGeneral (British)
FreeChromeBBC World NewsNews (British)
LiveChromeBeauty iQShopping
SomeFreeChromebeIN SPORTSSports
FreeChromeBelievers’ Voice of Victory NetworkChristian
LiveChromeBible TVChristian (India)
SomeFreeChromeBET Black Entertainment TV (family of channels)General
FreeChrome  BET Her (Was Centric) For black womenMusic (Mostly)
SomeFreeChrome  BET Jams (from VH1)Music
SomeFreeChromeBig Ten Network BTNSports
SubChromeBiz TV For U.S. entrepreneurs and small business ownersBusiness
SomeFreeRokuBlack Belt TV Martial Arts; (See alsoSports
Sub?The BlazeNews
FreeChromeBloomberg Business TVNews (Business)
FreeIE+FlashBounce TV; AffiliatesGeneral, Black interest
SomeFreeChromeBowie State University TV / PBC2 Weather (BSU-TV); VideosEducational
FreeChrome(British Armed) Forces NetworkNews
SomeFree? Bravo!; See also; Wikipedia General
AggChromeBUZZRGame Shows
FreeChromeBYUtv Brigham Young University TVChristian (Mormon)
SomeFreeChromeCBS Columbia Broadcasting System; AffiliatesGeneral
FreeChrome  CBS NewsNews
Agg?  CBS Sports NetworkSports
FreeIE+FlashCCTV NewsNews (China)
FreeChromeCGTN America; WikipediaNews (China; Some English)
FreeIE+FlashCGTN Documentary; Archive Videos; WikipediaNews (China)
LiveChromeCharge! TV; AffiliatesGeneral
LiveChromeChristian Television Network; AffiliatesChristian
Classic Arts Showcase (Unscheduled)Fine Arts
SomeFreeChromeCinémoi Film, Fashion and StyleMostly Fashion
SomeFreeChromeCMT Country Music TVMusic
FreeIE+FlashCN Cartoon Network (TOON)Kids
SomeFree? CNBC Consumer News and Business Channel; See also; Wikipedia News/Business
SomeFreeChromeCNBC WorldBusiness
FreeChromeCNN Cable News NetworkNews
FreeChromeCNNi CNN InternationalNews
Agg/SubChromeComcast SportsNetSports
FreeChromeComedy CentralComedy
FreeChromeCooking ChannelFood
FreeChromeCornerstone Network; Wikipedia; AffiliatesChristian
SomeFreeChromeCSPAN Cable Satellite Public Affairs NetworkNews
FreeFirefoxCW; AffiliatesGeneral
FreeChrome  CW SeedGeneral
FreeChromeDaystar TV Network WDDN; AffiliatesChristian
FreeChromeDefenseTV U.S. Dept. of DefenseNews
FreeChromeDestination AmericaNews; Supernatural shows
FreeChromeDeutsche Welle; WikipediaNews (Germany)
AggChromeDiscovery ChannelScience, General
SomeFreeChrome  Discovery Family channel; VideosKids and Family
AggChrome  Discovery Life ChannelHealth
SomeFreeChrome  The Disney ChannelGeneral
SomeFreeChrome  Disney Junior ChannelKids
FreeChrome  Disney XDKids
FreeChromeDIY Do It Yourself NetworkHome Improvement
SomeFree? E! Entertainment TV; See also; Wikipedia Entertainment
AggChromeEl ReyGeneral
Sub/PPVChromeEleven Sports Network Sports: Fighting
FreeChromeEmmanuelChristian (Nigeria)
Agg/Sub?ENCORE is now StarzEncore, and is part of STARZMovies
Agg?Epix (family of channels)Movies, Drama
AggChromeESPN Entertainment & Sports Programming Network (family of channels)Sports
FreeChromeEuronews (Europe); WikipediaNews (Europe)
LiveChromeEVINE Live (Leased Access)Shopping
FreeChromeEWTN Eternal Word TV NetworkChristian (Catholic)
FreeChromeEthiopian tv; WikipediaNews (Ethiopia) (Some in English)
LiveChromeFairfax County GovernmentNews
SomeLiveChromeFCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) Cable TV
??  Ch25 Community ClassroomEducational
LiveChrome  Ch21 Red Apple (streamable)Educational
??  Ch 99 Teaching ChannelEducational
Family Entiretainment TV; WikipediaChristian
SomeFreeChromeFightBox FightingSports
SomeFreeChrome  FightBox Live FightingSports
Agg/Sub?FLIX is part of ShowtimeMovies
FreeChromeFirst Nations Experience FNX Native American and other indigenous interests; Wikipedia; AffiliatesIndigenous Cultures
FreeChromeFood NetworkFood
LimTFreeChromeFOX Network; AffiliatesGeneral
Agg/Sub?  FX FOX ExtendedMovies
Agg?  FXM FX Movie ChannelMovies
Agg?  FXXGeneral
FreeChrome  Fox Business NetworkNews
SomeFreeChrome  Fox News Channel FNCNews (Conservative)
SomeFreeChrome  Fox Sports NetworkSports
SomeFreeChrome    Fox College SportsSports
SomeFreeChrome    Fox Sports Sun or Fox Sports Florida, formerly SUN SportsSports
SomeFreeChrome    Fox Sports West / Prime Ticket Sports
FreeChromeFrance 24; WikipediaNews (France)
SomeFreeChromeFreeform (Was ABC Family); (Many ads!)General
FreeChromeFrost Great Outdoors; Wikipedia; AffiliatesOutdoors
SomeFreeChromeFSTV Free Speach TV (Liberal)Politics
SomeFreeChromeFusionGeneral?; Many Crossdressing Shows
FreeChromeGAC Great American CountryMusic
LiveChromeGEB America (Oral Roberts University)Christian
LiveChromeGem Shopping NetworkShopping
FreeChromeGMUTV George Mason University
FreeChromeGMA Pinoy TV(Phillipines); Some English
FreeChromeGOD TVChristian
FreeIE+FLashGod's Learning Channel GLCChristian
SomeFreeChromeGolf ChannelSports
AggAppGame Show NetworkGame Shows
Agg?Hallmark ChannelGeneral
Agg?  Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Agg/Sub?HBO Home Box Office (family of channels)Movies
Agg?HDNet MoviesMovies
Live??Heartland country musicMusic
FreeChromeHerndon Community TV
Agg/Sub?Here TVLGBT
Agg?H&I Heroes & IconsGeneral
FreeChromeHGTV Home & Garden tvShopping for homes
SomeFreeChromeThe Hillsong Channel Christian MusicChristian Music
SomeFreeChromeHITN Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network; See Also(Some English)
SomeFreeChromeHLN Headline NewsNews
FreeChromeHistory Channel; Military History ChannelHistory
FreeChromeHope ChannelChristian (Seventh-day Adventist)
FreeChromeHSN Home Shopping Network; AffiliatesShopping
FreeChromeHSN2 Home Shopping Network 2Shopping
SomeFreeChromeICTV Indigenous Community Television(Australian)
AggChromeIFC Independent Film ChannelMovies
FreeChromeThe Impact NetworkChristian
?AggIn Country Television; See AlsoOutdoors
AggChromeID Investigation DiscoveryCrime
Agg/Sub?Indieplex is part of STARZMovies
Agg?Inspiration Network INSPChristian
FreeChromeIncTVChristian (Phillipines)
Agg?Israeli TV Network(Christian/Messianic Judiasm)
Agg?The Israeli Network TINGeneral (Israel)
FreeChromeJBS Jewish Broadcasting ServiceJewish (Israel)
SubChromeJEM Jewish Educational MediaJewish
SomeFreeChromeJLTV Jewish Life TVJewish
LiveChromeJTV Jewelry TV by ACNShopping
LiveChromeJuce TVChristian MusicChristian Music
??Kids & Teens Television (KTV)Christian; Kids
SomeFreeChromeLATV Latin American TV; AffiliatesHispanic; Some English
??Launch TV NetworkGeneral
SomeFreeChrome  Lifetime MoviesMovies
Agg?  Lifetime Real WomenGeneral
FreeLight NetworkChristian (Phillippines)
LiveChromeLight TV family-friendly programming; AffiliatesChristian; General
LiveLighthouse Television UgandaChristian (Uganda)
SomeFreeChromeLink TVNews, Music, Politics
originally Arab/Muslim perspective (?)
Now liberal activist
Agg?LogoLGBT; some General
LiveChromeLoma Linda Broadcasting Network LLBNChristian (Seventh-day Adventist)
Agg?Longhorn NetworkSports
FreeChromeMAVtv Viewer Produced TV(Some English) (Montreal, Canada)
Agg?MC Musical Choice channelsMusic
??Mi Casa Hispanic interest, English languageGeneral
LiveIE+FlashMEA Middle Eastern AmericanGeneral
SomeFreeChromeMe-TV Memorable Entertainment TV; AffiliatesGeneral
Agg/Sub?MHz Networks; WikipediaNews (Foreign)
Agg/Sub?  MHz Worldview; WikipediaNews (Foreign)
Agg?Military History ChannelHistory
SomeFreeChromeMiracle ChannelChristian (Canada)
Sub?MLB Major League Baseball NetworkSports
Agg/Sub?  MLB EXTRA INNINGS BaseballSports
Agg?  MLB NetworkSports
Sub?MLS SoccerSports
Agg?Motor Trend; was VelocityAutomotive
Agg/Sub?Movieplex is part of STARZMovies
AggAppMSG NYC SportsSports
Free? MSNBC Microsoft NBC; See also; Wikipedia News/Paid Programming
Agg?MTV Music TVMusic
Agg?  MTV2 Music TV 2; AffiliatesMusic, Reality TV
Agg?  MTV-HIT Hits (Music Mix) (U.S.)Music
Agg?  MTV Music (Australia and New Zealand)Music
SomeFreeChrome  MTV (Canada)Music
FreeChrome  MTV Music (Europe)Music
??  MTV Hits (UK and Ireland)Music
??  MTV Top40 Hits (UK and Ireland)Music
FreeChrome  MTV Music (UK)Music
FreeChrome  MTV Music IrelandMusic
??  MTV Music Australia; WikipediaMusic
FreeChrome  MTVU (MTV University)?
Agg?MYX (Asian American interest)
FreeChromeNASA TVEducational, about NASA
SomeFreeChromeNational Geographic ChannelEducational
SomeFreeChromeNational Geographic WildNature
NBA (National Basketball Association): list of broadcasters WikipediaSports (Basketball)
SomeFreeChromeNBA on NBCSports
SomeFreeChromeNBA TVSports
Agg?NBA League Pass BasketballSports
Free? NBC National Broadcast Company; See also; Wikipedia; AffiliatesGeneral
SomeFreeChrome  NBC Sports Network NBCSN (was Versus)Sports
AggChrome  NBC Sports GoldSports
SomeFreeChromeNESN New England Sports NetworkSports
FreeChromeNewsmax TVconservative politics
SomeFreeChromeNational Film Board of Canada NFB Documentaries, Educational, Animation filmsGeneral (Canadian)
NFL (National Football League): list of broadcastersSports (Football)
SomeFreeChromeNFL NetworkSports
SomeFreeChromeNFL RedZoneSports
Sub?NFL SUNDAY TICKET Football (purchase for non-DirecTV subscribersSports
NHL (National Hockey League): list of broadcastersSports (Hockey)
Sub?NHL NetworkSports (Hockey)
Sub?NHL CENTER ICE; See also HockeySports
Sub?NHL In DemandSports
FreeChromeNHK World; WikipediaNews (Japan)
FreeChrome  Nick Jr.Kids
FreeChrome  NickMusic (facebook page)Music
AggFirefox?  Teen Nick TNCKGeneral, for teens
SomeFreeChromeNine Network; Wikipedia(Australia)
FreeChromeNVCC Northern Virginia Community CollegeEducational
SomeFreeChrome?NRB National Religious Broadcasters (has links to broadcasting affiliates)Christian
FreeChromeNTD New Tang Dynasty TV; WikipediaNews (About China)
SomeFreeChromeOlympic ChannelSports
FreeChromeOne America News NetworkNews (Conservative)
SomeFreeChromeThe Oprah Winfrey Network OWNTalk
SomeFreeChromeOutdoor Channel Hunting and FishingSports
FreeChromeOutside TVOutdoor sports
Agg?Ovation Arts NetworkDance, General
Free? Oxygen; See also; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFree?PBS; List of Member Stations (A few with their own programs are listed below)General
SomeFreeChrome  WNET America's Flagship PBS Station (base subscription free)Generalc
SomeFree/SubChrome  All Arts (from WNET)Dance &Amp; Music
SomeFreeChrome  MPT Maryland Public TV; Also MPT2; CreateGeneral
SomeFreeChrome   ThinkPortEducational Resources
SomeFreeChrome?  WETAGeneral
SomeFreeChrome   WETA UK (WETA2)General
SomeFreeChrome   WETA Kids (WETA3)Kids
SomeFreeChrome  WHUT Howard University TelevisionGeneral
SomeFreeChrome  WCNY Syracuse, NYGeneral
SomeFree?  Global Connect
SomeFreeChrome  WSKG Vestel, NYGeneral
SomeFreeChrome  PBS Kids; AffiliatesKids
FreeChrome  NYCTV NYC Media Provides some PBS contentGeneral
  World; Wikipedia; Affiliates
AggChrome Paramount Network (used to be Spike TV); WikipediaGeneral
LiveChromePeace TV 24 Hour Islamic International TV; See also; WikipediaMuslim
LiveChromePGCC PG Community College TVEducational
Agg?Pop (was TV Guide Network); WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromePrime SevenGeneral (Australia)
SomeFreeChromePrince Georges Community TVChristian
SomeFreeChromePursuit ChannelHunting
LiveChromeQVC Network; WikipediaShopping
FreeChromequboWikipedia; Affiliates; Kids
(various) Regional Sports Networks; WikipediaSports Networks
AggRetroplex is part of STARZ; WikipediaMovies
LiveChromeRev'n; WikipediaAutomotive
Sub?RFD TV; WikipediaFarming, country living, country music
FreeChromeRLTV Retirement Living TVLifestyle
FreeChromeRT America (was Russia Today); WikipediaNews (Russian)
SomeFreeChromeSABC1; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeSABC2; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeSABC3; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeSABC Encore; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeSABC News International; WikipediaNews (South Africa)
SomeFreeChromeSCI Science ChannelScience
Agg/SubScola - News of All Nations; WikipediaNews (Foreign)
SomeFreeChromeSCCTV Seattle Colleges Cable TVGeneral?
SomeFreeChromeSEC Network The SE Conference; WikipediaSports
SomeFreeChromeSeven Network; Wikipedia(Australia)
LiveChromeShop LC; Wikipedia Jewelry salesShopping
Agg/Sub?Showtime (family of channels); WikipediaMovies
Agg/Sub?  FLIXMovies
Agg/Sub?  TMC The Movie ChannelMovies
Sub?Smile; WikipediaChristian Kids
SomeFreeChromeSmithsonian Channel; WikipediaEducational
FreeIEThe SonLife Broadcasting Network SBN; WikipediaChristian
Sony Entertainment TV Asia International; Wikipedia(Asia)
Agg?Sony Movie Channel; WikipediaMovies
FreeChromeSoul of the South; Black interest; WikipediaGeneral
Agg?Spectrum News; WikipediaNews
Agg?Spectrum Sports; WikipediaSports
Agg?  Spectrum SportsNetSports
??  Spectrum SportsNet LASports
SomeFreeChromeSportsNet New York National SNY; WikipediaSports
SomeFreeChromeThe Sportsman Channel Hunting and Fishing; WikipediaSports
SomeFreeChromeSportsTime Ohio; WikipediaSports
SomeFreeChromeStadium; WikipediaSports
Agg?STARZ (family of channels); WikipediaMovies
Agg?  Indieplex; WikipediaMovies
Agg?  Movieplex; WikipediaMovies
Agg?  Retroplex; WikipediaMovies
Agg?  StarzENCORE (or Starz ENCORE); WikipediaMovies
Agg?Sundance TV; WikipediaMovies
AggFirefox SyFy Channel; See also; Wikipedia Science Fiction
FreeChromeTakoma Park City TV Events in Takoma Park, MDLocal Events
FreeChromeTBD; Wikipedia; AffiliatesGeneral
FreeChromeTBN Trinity Broadcasting Network; Wikipedia; AffiliatesChristian
FreeChromeTBN EuropeChristian (Foreign)
LiveChromeTBN PacificChristian (Foreign)
LiveChromeTBN SalsaChristian (for Latino Americans)
LiveChromeTBN UKChristian (UK)
FreeChromeTBN AfricaChristian (South Africa)
SomeFreeChromeTBS Turner Broadcasting System WTBS; WikipediaGeneral
Agg?TCM Turner Classic Movies; WikipediaMovies
Agg/Sub?TMC The Movie Channel is part of Showtime; WikipediaMovies
FreeChromeTCT Tri-State Christian TV; Wikipedia; AffiliatesChristian; Messianic Judiasm
SomeFreeChromeTennis Channel; WikipediaSports
SomeFreeChromeThree Angels Broadcasting 3ABN; WikipediaChristian (Seventh-day Adventist)
SomeFreeChrome  3ABN Dare to Dream NetworkChristian (Seventh-day Adventist)
SomeFreeChrome  3ABN Kids NetworkChristian (Seventh-day Adventist)
Agg?TLC The Learning Channel; WikipediaEducational
Agg/Sub?TMC The Movie Channel; Wikipedia is part of ShowtimeMovies
Agg?TNT Turner Network TV; WikipediaGeneral
AggChromeTOKU; Wikipedia Anime and Asian live-actionOther
LiveChromeTotal Living Network TLN; WikipediaChristian
FreeChromeTown of Vienna Community NetworkNews
FreeChromeTRT World; WikipediaNews (Turkey)
??Tuff TV; Wikipedia; For men?
Agg?TV5 Monde; Wikipedia (some English subtitiles)(Foreign)
FreeChromeTV Asia; Wikipedia(Asia)
TVG TV Games Network; WikipediaSports, Horse Racing
  TV Games Network 2Sports, Horse Racing
??TV Japan; Wikipedia(Japan)
Agg/SubChromeTV Land; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeTV One; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeTravel Channel; WikipediaTravel
FreeChromeTRT Türk; WikipediaNews (Turkey; Some English??)
Agg?TruTV; WikipediaReality TV
FreeChromeUniversity of California TVEducational
FreeChomeUniversity of California/San Diego TVEducational
FreeChromeUMTV University of MD TVEducational
??UMUC-TV University of MD/Global Campus TV (Was: University College)
FreeChromeUNC-TV Public Media North Carolina
freeFirefoxUNI University of Northern Iowa Uni TVEducational, General
SomeFree? Universal Kids; See also; WikipediaKids
??Untamed Sports TVOutdoors
SomeFreeChromeUP; WikipediaGeneral
Free?ChromeUplift TVChristian?
Agg/Sub? USA Network; See also; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeVH1 Video Hits OneMusic
Sub/AggChromeVH1 Classic; WikipediaMusic (European)
SomeFreeChromeViceland; WikipediaLifestyle
FreeChromeVimeo Video sharing website; WikipediaGeneral
??The Walk; Wikipedia; AffiliatesChristian
SomeFreeChromeWE Women's Entertainment; WikipediaGeneral
FreeChromeThe Weather Channel TWC; WikipediaWeather
FreeChrome  Weatherscan; WikipediaWeather
FreeChromeWeatherNation; Wikipedia; AffiliatesWeather
Sub?Willow Cricket; WikipediaSports: Cricket
FreeChromeWMDE; Videos on Facebook; WikipediaGeneral, Leased Access
LiveThe Word Network (Must watch on streaming box); WikipediaChristian
FreeChromeWorld Fishing Channel; Wikipedia
FreeChromeThe Worship Network; Wikipedia; AffiliatesChristian
LiveChromeWorld Harvest Television; WikipediaChristian
SomeFreeChromeYES Network Mostly Yankees Baseball, Nets Basketball, NYCFC Soccer; WikipediaSports
FreeChromeYoutoo America; Wikipedia
SomeFreeChromeYouTube Video sharing website; WikipediaGeneral
SomeFreeChromeYurview Mostly sports: Arizona, California, Kansas, Las Vegas, Luisiana, New England, Oklahoma, VirginiaSports, mostly
Agg/Sub?Z Living; WikipediaHealth, including Yoga (India)


Zee TV USA; English language too??Wikipedia(India)

Some channels that don't stream, as of my last test

Free? View with Channel_Name Category
FreeAgapeChristian (Tanzania)
FreeAmerica's Auction NetworkShopping
FreeAntenna TV; Affiliates; and hereGeneral
SomeFree  BET SoulMusic
Channel Kidswater Wayside SchoolStudent TV
CIN Crime & Investigation NetworkCrime
CNC World News (China); WikipediaNews (China)
FreeCOMET; AffiliatesScience Fiction
TheCoolTV; AffiliatesMusic
COZI TV; AffiliatesGeneral
Crime & Investigation
Doctor TV; Wikipedia; AffiliatesHealth
The Cowboy Channel; formerly FamilyNet
Rodeo & Western Lifestyle
Sports: Rodeo
Ebru TVGeneral (family friendly)(
Escape; Wikipedia; AffiliatesGeneral
ES.TV Entertainment Studios (family of channels)General
The Family Channel; AffiliatesGeneral, Christian
GetTV; AffiliatesGeneral
Agg?ION Television; Affiliates General; Christian
Aggn/a  Ion Life; AffiliatesShopping, Lifestyle
  Ion ShopShopping
AggJustice CentralCrime
AggThe Justice Network; AffiliatesCrime
AggMNET Korean American videosMusic Videos
AggMOVIES! Network; AffiliatesMovies
MyNetworkTV WDCA My20,MyTV,MNT; AffiliatesGeneral, Christian
Nigerian tv Authority; WikipediaNews (Nigeria)
Phoenix Satellite TV PNAX North America About China; some English subtitles(China)
PixLGeneral Family friendly
Prmo TVKids
Reelz Channel; WikipediaMovies
Retro; Affiliates; WikipediaGeneral
FreeRevolt (RVLT); WikipediaMusic
FreeRide TV; Wikipedia
RingSide Network TVGeneral, Leased Access
Root Sports Northwest; WikipediaSports
This TV; Wikipedia; AffiliatesGeneral
Unity Broadcasting Network; Wikipedia; AffiliatesChristian
AWE A Wealth of Entertainment; WikipediaGeneral
WGN America; WikipediaGeneral

Some of the sources that were used to prepare those tables
Wikipedia: Category:Lists of television channels by country
Wikipedia: Lists of television channels in the United States
Wikipedia: Lists of television channels
Wikipedia: Lists of American television network affiliates
Wikipedia: Free-to-air#North America
Wikipedia: List of independent television stations in the U.S.
Wikipedia: List of television networks by country
Repeat: Wikipedia: List of United States cable and satellite television networks
Wikipedia: List of television stations in the United States by call sign (initial letter K)
Wikipedia: List of television stations in the United States by call sign (initial letter W)
DBSTalk thread: A Basic Guide & Resource For IPTV

Similar Lists (NOT incorporated into table, because they may be proprietary.)
HDTV magazine list of HD broadcast stations (page gone - see
RokuGuide Channels available through Roku boxes
DBSTalk Forum list of Internet Streaming services WARNING: not all streaming services are legit.
DMOZ Directories of Internet Broadcasts Page gone - see

Video Sharing Websites (also listed in main table)

TV Channel Program Schedules
TV Guide listings
TIVO Online Enter zip code - similar
ZapItTV listings more detail
Comcast (XFinity) TV listings (Use Internet Explorer or Firefox, select zip code
  Comcast TV channel line-ups (requires Microsoft Internet Explorer). To see the cheap packages (starting at $13-$14/month), search for "basic cable".
Comcast: just for PG County, MD (Riverdale line-up) Channel line up
Just Answer: Comcast Help and support for Comcast
then double click on provider)
Comcast Xfinity Login Gives access to TV episodes, including more recent stuff, to Comcast subscribers
TV Show Calendar goes farther into future than TV Guide (Is this page dead?)

Descriptions of TV Programs and Movies
(NOTE: May include spoilers)
IMDB Internet Movie Database Includes TV Episode lists; can watch some free; can purchase episodes from Amazon video
Wikipedia Online encyclopedia; includes TV and movie descriptions Lists of TV series info (Is this page dead?)
TV Guide Online Video Guide Includes free and non-free TV episodes
Rotten Tomatoes Movie & TV reviews
Metacritic Similar. More TV feeds
All Movie Movie reviews

Online Collections of Free TV Shows and Movies
(Note: I do not choose to give info on methods that would be illegal in the U.S.)
(Sony) Crackle Free TV shows and Movies
  Web page not working as of 6/6/19; moving to Crackle Plus here??; Roku app works
TubiTV TV and Movies, for free
PopCornFlix Similar; Note: closed captions unavailable
Shout Factory TV (Free movies and episodes)
Kanopy Movies - Sign up through your public library
Hoopla Movies, Music & EBooks, through your public library
Overdrive Similar - also called Libby
RBDigital Similar (internal page - each library has its own page)
FreeDive IMDB's free TV and Movie collection
Streema Free on-line Radio and TV stations
Xumo (available on some TVs, like Roku; not on browsers; slow response

Locast Watch Your Local Broadcast TV For Free! (Note: won't work if browser is set to block location sharing)
LOCALBTV Similar, but is for-profit, so must only include TV stations and networks that give permission.
Pluto TV On demand (free account)

Online Collections of Free and Paid TV Shows and Movies
Vudu (some of shows & movies are free; a good list of free & paid online shows) You have to sign up on PC (but not Roku) with an email account. You don't have to provide a credit card
Google Play
Amazon Video
  All the movies available on Amazon Prime
  Highly-rated yet little-known movies & shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu
  Every New Movie and TV Show Being Added to Amazon Prime in (month)
Microsoft store More movies and TV
FilmON Many free (and premium) TV channels; guide
123MoviesAndTV More movies and TV
iTunes - you can purchase some TV episodes through here. Note: iTunes is severe spyware.
Redbox Instant
JustWatch lists programs by streaming service; sometimes omits free sources
ReelGood Similar
Movietube TV episodes, movies (similar)
Yidio (similar)
Plex streaming service Plex is a very widely used streaming box software. This is their free streaming service. I suggest you use Firefox.
RabbitTV A paid service providing links to free and not-free TV over Internet; If link doesn't work, try here, here and here.
  They do not document that you after logging in, you can logout by going to here.
  You must explicitly ask customer support to be taken off the email list to avoid junk email.
  Not great for finding new shows and movies, but if you know the name of what you want, this shows where to find it.
  Used to require a dongle.
  SelectTV Same service with month to month subscription instead of long term subscription. Both run by Freecast, which may soon sell other related products.
12 free and paid alternatives to CinemaNow Reviews of other streaming websites
Xfinity Stream (Click on "Watch as a Guest" to see free Content - does not require Xfinity subscription)
BritBox "The biggest streaming collection of British TV"

Movies at Theaters (prices may be out of date)
DCMetro Greenbelt movies

Moviepass $10/month 1 movie/day pass - looks like a great deal - includes some AMC, Regal and other theaters; AMC wants to block it, Moviepass loses money, and may raise prices - mixed reviews online

Satellite TV and/or Internet providers
Viasat a Satellite based Internet Service Provider
HughsNet another satelllite based Internet Service Provider
Starlink Another satellite ISP - soon to come
OneWeb Another satellite ISP - soon to come
Project Kuiper (Kuiper Systems LLC) Amazon's satelite ISP - soon to come
SES Satellite Internet and TV service, sold to businesses and government. Does not sell to home users.
Eutelsat Internet and TV service.
Facebook's satellite ISP (satellite Athena) - soon to come
Telesat Another satellite ISP - not in U.S. yet, but may be soon.
Dish TV Satellite based TV
DirecTV another
OrbY another

Note There is increasing interest at this time in replacing satellites, for Internet and TV transmission, including for home use, with drones (e.g., one of Facebook's projecs), balloons (e.g., Project Loon), and perhaps eventually, blimps. In some areas, these can be much cheaper than satellites, and perhaps than broadband copper and optical fiber. I don't know of any commercial services like that at this time.

Paid Internet TV and Movie Subscription Services (prices may be out of 0date) (The two most common are Hulu and Netflix.)
FilStruck $7+/month $6+/month TV episodes and movies (8 days after showing)
  Hulu's greatest weakness: no easy to find comprehensive list of offerings!:
  Hulu's own incomplete list of shows & movies (Click on Browse; does not work when signed into Hulu)
  Hulu's comprehensive list - NOT easy to find! I suggested they change that. Completely disorganized.
  Full List of TV Shows On Hulu
  Full List of Movies On Hulu
  SomethingToStream on Hulu List of Hulu Shows and Movies;
  Vulture: The 100 Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now
  Spoiler TV: Hulu More things to watch on Hulu
  Search Hulu for shows
Netflix $8+/month Movies and TV episodes
  Netflix's greatest weakness: no easy to use comprehensive list of offerings!:
  Full List of TV shows on Nttflix
  Full List of Movies on Netflix
  Netflix movies; Includes title, year, genre and run-time
Amazon prime $11/month, $99/year Mostly movies; student discount available Gives lists of Amazon and Netflix movies and TV shows - excellent page!
  Vulture’s guide to the TV Shows and movies available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Hulu.
  Spoiler TV: Hulu More things to watch on Hulu
PureFlix Family friendly movies $11/year
Acorn TV Streams British shows to the U.S. $5/month

Funimation Now Anime $6/month
Crunchyroll Anime $7/month
Curiosity Stream Documentaries $3+/month
DC Universe display shows in DC Comics universe; $8/month;$75/yr
Shudder Horror, Thrillers, Suspense $4.75+/month
PeacockTV future NBC/Universal streaming service

Free TV Channel Bundles
Pluto TV Free TV channels (free account) ; Pluto TV On demand
Live TV from around the world

Paid TV Channel Bundle Subscriptions
Frndly TV $6/month Family Friendly TV channels
MHz Choice $8/month International mysteries, dramas & comedies with easy-to-read English subtitles
YipTV $50/year Latin America channels
AT&T Watch TV $15/month - not sure if you need AT&T Internet; not available to new customers
HBO Now $15/month HBO's own on demand TV/Movie service
Philo $20 and up/month
Spectrum TV Choice $25/month (Available only to Spectrum area service)
Sling TV $30 and up/month Live & on-demand TV channels; Nominal Local Channels (Not included in Sling, except maybe Fox & NBC!)
  When viewed on a PC, only works with Chrome Browser!
  Extra-cost packages & channels. Cloud DVR service (on all channels but these is $5 also extra, though recent episodes on most channels on demand are included at no extra charge in basic service.
  Techhive review of SlingTV, with Replay table
vidgo $30+/month Fox/ESPN/sports channels
Hulu with Live TV $55+/month Live & on-demand TV Channels + standard Hulu
Youtube TV $50/month; Another link
Xfinity Instant-TV $50/month (Available only to Comcast Internet subscribers);   Channel Lineup same as Cable Basic
UVerse TV $60 and up/month (requires AT&T Internet??)
Fubo $60+/month
AT&T TV Now $65/month
DirecTV Now (or DirecTVNow) $65+/month Live & on-demand TV channels, Channel Lineup; Available plans; See Also Here;
  The Browser version often crashes for me, but mostly works on Roku.
However, recently, it stops working a lot. On my Roku, it also often gets "Well, that was unexpected." errors, and some menus don't work.
 Directv Now outage map
 FreeView is stated to be Free - but, all were ads for DirecTVNow. Oops-doesn't seem to be working at all now.
Playstation Vue No longer taking new subscriers
  Techhive review of Playstation Vue
Layer3TV $90+tax Initial price
Disney will soon have it's own paid on demand service (So, will Disney soon be dropped from other company's bundles?)
USTVNow For Americans abroad only. Promotional price $19/month (free option for some channels.) DVR $29/month. Long-term price unspecified. I contacted ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox to find out if USTVNow is legit, but have received no reply.
Omniverse One World TV - sets up TV packages through resellers
  List of their resellers (packages differ):
&nbpsp; No longer be available to residential subscribers.
  HDHomeRun Premium TV (requires HDHomeRun device) $35/month
    Link says not all claimed channels work - may apply to other Omniverse channels
  FlixOn; Other FlixOn deals: Locality Networks, Test, and MI Internet
  Skystream TV
"Complete List of Streaming Services" Lists some other services that I don't.
Playon A software IPTV DVR for Windows PCs. Lets you record On Demand TV streaming programs to standard video files that you can keep, and skip ads. Can also cast to many TVs and streaming boxes.
Priced per device in use. (U.S. Fair Use law allows DVRs for personal use, but they may violate streaming service Terms Of Use.)
I love PlayOn, but, as of March 2020, have minor nitpicks: Some streaming services mentioned in the ads require a paid subscription; others have been dropped. Playon sometimes drops closed captions, or doesn't let you set a transparent background.
(NOTE To record as a non-administrative user, set storage location (Settings -> Advanced -> Storage Location) to a folder you have access to.
  Support Forums (Click on community).
  Release Notes (version history)
  3rd Party Ultimate Playon Scripts for other channels - maybe - I haven't figured how to use yet; see also this site
Channels DVR Somewhat similar, but records off of Adobe's TV Anywhere service. $8/month or $80/year. I failed to make it work.
FitzyTV Similar, but stores recordings in a $5+/month cloud. I use it to record Locast. Doesn't always work right. Adobe tries to make it fail.
VideoHelp: Software Video Streaming Downloaders List of software to record from antenna and/or streaming services

Viewable College Courses
Berkeley's free course broadcasts
Same for Boston University
Same for lots of schools
and more, more, and more
Coursera - more
Academic Earth
Online Undergraduate Degree Programs

TV and Music forums
AfterDawn discussion forums (TV related)
Fandom Movie and TV Series and Episode descriptions
Audio Advice (Not a forum - a hifi retailer who gives audio info)
SoundGuys (Not a forum - just a review site)
Head-Fi Headphone discussions
What's Best Forum In addition to forum, has many technical articles on audio quality
  E.g., Don's Tech Series
  and Our Favorite Technology & Audio Forums
A Deep Dive into HDMI Audio Performance A less technical discussion of S/PDIF vs HDMI jitter

Antennas (for capturing Over-the-Air (OTA) signals from nearby broadcasting stations
MythTV info on scanning for clear QAM channels
Myth TV A free software DVR
Silicon dust links to find broadcast channels
Antenna Web Lists & Shows broadcast TV stations by location More Over The Air TV and antenna info - some people claim it is out of date
Rabbit Ears May be more up to date than TVfool
Antenna Point Transmitter Locater Similar
FCC DTV Reception Maps Similar Similar to TVfool, for FM radio stations
FCCInfo for broadcast antenna (TV and radio) locations .kmz file displayable by Google Earth.
radio-locator Local radio stations - links to listen and for info, coverage maps
RabbitEars Various info about OTA broadcasting stations, etc.
SolidSignal Off-Air Antenna Installation Guide; Solutions for the Professional Installer
Warning: If you give them your real email address, you receive A LOT of spam.

TIVO - probably the top end Over-The-Air (OTA) or cable channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder), because they include a nice program guide (an expensive service, unless you buy a used one with Lifetime service). (Note: old VCRs, while they are very cheap used, can't record modern ATSC OTA and QAM cable TV signals. But I have also used a DVD Recorder to record modern TV signals.) Tivo Series 3 were the oldest units that can handle modern ATSC and QAM signals - and all need cable card adapters to handle cable signals. There are other brands of DVR, with much harder to use program guides.
Video processing Software
(YouTube) Audio and Video Downloader (for Firefox; YouTube doesn't want downloads to work; If it doesn't, update it and try again tomorrow)
Video DownloadHelper (for Firefox, many websites; same remarks on what to do if doesn't work.) A free IPTV streaming app - mostly used by hackers; inconvenient and trouble prone. I switched from this to PC web browsers and a Roku box. The biggest problem with Kodi is how it deals with delayed or dropped packets. In particular, sections of Sound, Video, and subtitles often go missing, and also go progressively out of sync, making the content incomprehensible. Good protocals and software pause until the missing packets can be retrieved, and use them all. In addition, it should be easy to rewind in 8 - 10 second steps, in case you missed something. The "," key on an external keyboard is supposed to do this, but it doesn't always work.
Note: You can find many "Kodi" or "Android TV" boxes on-line at eBay or Amazon, that can be used to watch TV and movies from various sources over the Internet, without a PC. From experience, many are fake or don't work, and have no or useless support - I suggest you restrict yourself to orders from top rated sellers from your own country. AFAIK, the main Kodi site, only contains software that is legal in the U.S., so if you restrict yourself to software drawn from that site, it is probably OK. For the most part, you can get rid of pirated software by completely de-installing and re-installing Kodi, but be careful - if the box has an out of date version of the Android operating system, that may not work - and you will need to reset the box to factory settings. There may be a menu option to do that; on many Android TV boxes, there is a reset switch inside the AV or audio port that you can reach with a toothpick. And any such changes are done at your own risk - the box may not work when you are done.
Kodi Wiki Manual e.g., includes list of supported devices
Kodi Wiki: HOW-TO:Modify the video cache so audio and video don't stutter (i.e., start and stop).
  Example of advancedsettings.xml for Kodi 17, assuming lots of (flash-based) memory available. Also turns off flash image to speed kodi start-up. Goes in a directory named something like kodi/Userdata or .kodi/userdata.
Kodi Keyboard Controls
GeeXboX - a small (can even boot from a CD or jump drive), very fast Linux-based operating system that can run Kodi. I tried this because Kodi on a windows PC running on a (slow) Atom CPU kept stuttering despite using the above advancedsettings.xml. Couldn't make it work, but a lot of people love it.
LUbuntu, another small, fast, Linux-based operating system that can run Kodi, as well as Firefox and Chrome web browsers. This works, for the most part - but you still need to know how to use Linux.
Apple iPod software

Other Cordcutting resources On-line magazine, discusses non-cable TV distribution
The Great Big Cord Cutting Manual For Cost Conscious Consumers
Roku IPTV streaming boxes. I love the simple, consumer-friendly interface. Sure, some things could be better: the only way to take text input (e.g., for searches) from a real keyboard is to connect it to a smart phone, on which you install the remote app; it would be nice to be able to sort the apps alphabetically. But if you have struggled to use Kodi and Android TV, these are much easier and more intuitive to use, and solve the above problems. Plus, everything works. And you can be reasonably sure that anything you find by searching for new channels is legit, not pirated. There are other brands, some cheaper. As of this writing, I use Roku's low end Roku Express box (use the Express Plus if you have an old TV with AV jacks, but no HDMI, or maybe [not tested!] if you want to record out of your Roku into an old VCR or a DVD Recorder). It works well, supports almost all the legit IPTV sources, and is about $30 - but be sure to connect it directly to your TV, not through an HDMI switch with an LED light, and to use the factory USB power source, or one rated to over 1 amp, or it will eventually fail and say there is something wrong with your power source. I wish it could take an external keyboard for program and channel searches. It can sort of use the Roku SmartPhone remote app as a keyboard - but it is very clumsy.
  RokuGuide List of Channels available through Roku boxes
  Roku Private Channels (on that site)
  RokuChannels.TV Roku viewable channels, including private channels
  RokuChannels programs viewable without Roku box - more Roku private channels here
  MKVXSTREAM Private Roku Channel List
  Roku: Add channel with code (how to add private channels) More of same More of same
  Contact Roku customer support
Broadband Internet
You need Broadband Internet to stream video, and you want something pretty close to an unlimited data package. Streaming video is about 3 - 10 Mbit/sec = 1.35-4.5 GB / hour = 251.1-837 GB/month if you view 6 hours/household/day, depending on quality and resolution. Note that most "unlimited" plans actually charge extra, throttle your data rates, or disconnect you if you use too much. Add to that all the extra overhead (e.g., Windows PCs take a lot of data just to stay up to date). It would be very easy for a household to go over even Xfinity's 1 TB/month plan. Nonetheless, cable and phone companies are good starting places to look. Wireless data plans are, for the most part, too expensive or too limited. Some local WiFi services look plausible - but may have limits now or in the future.
How to Cast Your Android Screen to Your PC (using AllCast)

Shopping Sources of cheap cables and switches:
blue jeans cable

Best Streaming Shows Gives lists of Amazon and Netflix movies and TV shows - excellent page!
Vulture: The best TV Shows and movies available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Hulu
Vulture: The 100 Best TV Shows on Hulu Right Now
Spoiler TV Best shows available on many streaming sites

Nielson ratings for shows
Nielson Ratings Top 10: How many watch each show?; an indicator of what shows will continue
  Spolier TV Full list of show ratings
  The Futon Critic Lists Nielson ratings on shows that Nielson site doesn't
  NY Post: Nielson Ratings
  TV Series Finale
  End/start of season ratings
  DePauw Libraries: finding Nielson Ratings